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Two Line Outputs on My CD Player. Can I run Direct to the line in on my sub?

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  • Two Line Outputs on My CD Player. Can I run Direct to the line in on my sub?

    I have an integrated amp with no pre outs. I'm forced to use the speaker level inputs. Can I use the second line out on my CD player direct to the sub? Are there any problems doing this?

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    Can I use the tape loop on the Integrated amp?


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      The main issue is volume control. Outputs on the CD as well as the Tape Loop on the integrated are usually full volume not variable. So while it would work, every time you adjust the volume on the integrated, you'd have to go adjust the volume on the sub to match. So while possible, it would be extremely annoying and inconvenient.

      It is possible that the outputs of the CD are variable, so you may be able to do it that way, but then your sub only works with CD's - don't know if you have other sources.

      I noticed very little difference in feeding my subs the speaker level vs. line level, the only reason I went to the trouble of adding a pre-amp so I could feed the sub line level was so that I could use an EQ like the Behringer BFD-1124 to fix some room modes. (And also get a remote).

      If you aren't planing on doing something like that I don't think it would be worth the trouble, unless your speaker-ins on the sub are particularly bad.

      Jim C


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        The CD output is variable. So it work only for the CD.