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Anything wrong with an old (>10 years old) Subwoofer?

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  • Anything wrong with an old (>10 years old) Subwoofer?

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to get an HSU HRSW10 Sub for a very low price (<$100), but I'm wondering if it's a good thing to do? They're a discontinued model from HSU; I think it was one of their first ones. Is there a chance it could crap out soon, or need a replacement driver? Thanks!

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    Nevermind, they are passive subs. I thought they were powered. I guess the question still stands though (I think a more general version of it is do speakers deteriorate?). I know that these subs use paper, which isn't a very...permanent substance.


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      I don't know - I was at the Field museum a couple weeks ago and saw some Egyptian papyrus from ~3000 years ago. :)

      I don't have a definitive answer, but I suspect that the flexibility of the surrounds would be more of a long-term problem than the paper cones. I don't know what HSU uses (foam?), but I would still expect far more than 10-years of life.

      HSU themselves are known for pretty good customer support - send them an email with the question and you will likely get an answer.


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        Not sure if you've seen this... but there's a pair on audiogon for $150

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