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Buy Arx For True Life Like Sound & Save Yourself $$$...Even if you have it to spend

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  • Buy Arx For True Life Like Sound & Save Yourself $$$...Even if you have it to spend

    First let me start out by giving many thanks to all the personnel at Audio Insider for there: 1) Superior service and 2) Being able to build such an Unsurpassed, High End Performance/Quality Speakers at such a low cost. Please keep doing what you do so other people on a limited budget can get the sound quality they want and crave from such a high end speaker at a sub-standard price. AGAIN, MANY THANKS.

    Pros: 5 Star Top Notch Company
    Cons: None

    I use my entertainment system mainly for Home Theater.
    Room size: 20' by 30'

    2) Arx A3 Mains
    5) Arx A2 Center & Surrounds
    2) Polk PSW 505 12's Subs
    Sony BDP-S570 BD Player
    Samsung 56' DLP TV
    Harman Kardan AVR-7550HD 110w 7.2 Receiver

    Before purchasing I did so much research in reading and listening to high end performance speakers I was stumped on what I wanted to purchase. Then I came across the Arx Back In Black speakers and was awestruck at the price, it should fall under that old saying "if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is". Well this could not be further from the truth with Audio Insiders Arx Back In Black line of speakers. After reading the reviews on these and with there 30 day in home trial I thought I had nothing to loose and believe me a lot of $ to gain being I had a fairly large budget saved for speakers. So I ordered a set of the Arx A3s. Out of the box I could instantly see the quality in fact were much more than I was expecting.

    I'll try an keep this short and to the point.
    Hooked them up sounded pretty good for the money. Took the time for break in listening to music at moderate levels while I worked about 8 to 10 hrs. and a few hrs. of tv a day shutting down every so often to let cool. With in the third week I could here them getting crisper, cleaner and tighter and started realizing the price was misleading. You really do not need subs unless your like me and want couch your laying on is feels like it's moving with every explosion and having to put velcro on pictures hanging on the wall to help keep the vibrating down, while listening to the thunderous bass of Metallica.

    My mind was made up and I ordered 3 Arx A2s so I could get at least a 5.2 set up going. The A2s are the same superior quality as the A3s and again was very impressed. After hooking these up, I immediately put "Will Smiths, "I Am Legend" Blue Ray in and at the opening scene when he's driving that Mustang GT thru the city streets and feeling as if I was in the car chasing the deer and grinning while hearing all the hooves on the pavement from all the deer running around, then damn near jumped out of my skin when the lion pounced out of no were on top of a deer or in True Grit, hearing all of the true to life sounds from the smallest sound like the ashes being sucked thru a pipe or when silverware chimes on a plate to feeling the sudden impact of the crack of a rifle. Last but not least is "Black Hawk Down", one of my favorite movies that I watch but never really heard until now. All I can say is AWSUME.

    One thing I thought I would never say is that even commercials sound good.

    I ordered 2 more A2s to complete my 7.2 system and im here telling you to save thousands of dollars and go with these. Every time my friends come over and get so mad that they have spent thousands and say these sound just as good if not better than what they have. I just grin and agree.

    If your looking for high end speakers these are for you. If you want to feel what Eric Clapton is feeling while his guitar is gently weeping or hearing and feeling every hi/low, hard/soft sound that Lars Ulrich "drummer from Metallica" makes, to the full range of instruments that pleasingly passes thru you from "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra". OH YA…You cant help but to close your eyes and get emearsed in any one of Pink Floyds songs.