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  • M200 Mk II

    I've had a whole bunch of computer speakers. I don't know why I didn't just buy the Swans in the first place and be done with it; I guess because I thought they cost too much.

    Finally, earlier this year since they were on sale for $189 a pair with minimal shipping, and free from the California leech tax, I decided it was time to give them a try.

    After having listened to them for over three months, I wanted to say that these speakers are fantastic. There is no need to even think about buying any other speakers, these are here to stay.

    Everything sounds so natural on them - they have excellent balance and both instruments and voices are exceedingly life-like. They do not have real deep or booming bass, but I am not a bass freak; the extension is low enough for most music. Even at low volumes these speakers sound great because of the detail and balance; they sound great at high volumes as well, but you don't need to turn them up to make them sound good as you do with lesser speakers. Vocals sound like the person is in my monitor. Very lifelike for both male and female vocals.

    These speakers are a joy to listen to because of how natural they are. If you appreciate good sound (which you must if you are looking at this website), I have no hesitation in recommending these Swans - they are well worth the price and then some. They're really, really, really good.

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    I've had mine for a few months myself, and was very happy with the quality, and the sound. Being an old user of HiVi speakers, my favorite small woofers are the M-Series (aluminum/magnesium gold color). I thought as an update I would replace the woofer with the M5N, and wallah! out came some of the best mid range I've heard in this price range set up. After some hours break in the bass goes a little lower as well. If you ever have an inclination for change, I highly recommend this one. It's a perfect fit, same holes, however you will need to cut/strip/solder the wires. The whole change only took 30 minutes. (These are the woofers in the T200b)

    Good luck with the MKII's.