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  • Swan M200 speakers

    I am the owner of Swan m200, the original model.
    These speakers have been in use on my desktop for computer audio
    for over a year.
    I am highly satisfied with these speakers.They are not the be all and end all of audio but I am an audiophile with an impressive main system -all Audio Research electronics Ls-16 preamp, VTM 200 amps ,and CD player and Vandersteen Sig 3 speakers and this is close to to nirvana.
    The point is I i know of what I speak and the Swans provide a satisfying musical experience in use with my computer system.
    Some breif tips -when listening remove the covers, the sound is crisper and cleaner more open and transpearent . Second replace the stock cable with a higher end TRS to dual RCA cable and the speaker inter connect wire with something of higher quality and you too can have fine audio on your desktop.
    Last at the current price the new m200 mk11 is steal -go buy some !!