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  • Curious...

    as to why a review can't be written today, and why are the latest reviews 3-4 years old? They do not encompass the 'new' design changes or are the changes mentioned in any review (because they are old). Just wondering why. When I send someone to the web site, 1st thing people go for are the reviews. And people look at the dates those reviews were written. Personally, I don't give much credit to old reviews as I know serious changes in technology have come and gone in the past 3-4 years.

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    Good question, Squirrel!. The short answer is that the reviews function isn't running. It will be soon - probably this month - and we'll invite all customers back to offer their thoughts.

    The site has a number of functions that we're working on. We had to replace a web team in 2014, and a new team proved not up to the task in 2015, leaving the reviews feature and other items left in the off position. Meanwhile I'd invested a lot of time in a product arrangement* that didn't carry forward into 2015, while introducing all four rx-c version Chane models. Next thing I knew here we were.

    The 2015 web team is very competent. Things still take time, as we'd expect, but they get done. The reviews feature will return shortly, and once customers are pinged for their thoughts, I'm sure new reviews will be plentiful. 2015 was a good year, and there'll be 2016 news to announce shortly.

    *as part of our 2016 trajectory, I expect subs to return.


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      Thanks so much for taking the time to explain, Jon! :salute:


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        Ideally it shouldn't have been an issue and it's beyond frustrating to see it go this late, so I appreciate being able to at least address it.