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Les Miserables has never sounded so sweet!

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  • Les Miserables has never sounded so sweet!

    *My original system was a 6.1 JBL studio setup from around 2003, sub died so I sold speakers to a coworker as a starter set*

    I got my three A2rx-c on friday and did a quick 3.0 setup (patiently waiting on the A5's :)). I didn't recalibrate other than disabling/enabling a few option on my NAD T747. I started with Beck's Pure Audio Bluray (Sea Change) and listened to a couple of my favorites "Guess I'm doing fine", "Round the Bend", and "Sunday Sun". Next up was DVD-A Blue Man Group (The Complex) "Time to Start", then onto NIN Bluray "Beside you in Time" and "Something I Can Never Have". I finally got to a point my ears were a little more in tune with the speakers so I put in Porcupine Trees Deadwing DVDA and played my favorite "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here". Wow! I was blown away. These speakers are amazing compared to what I had before. I ended the evening listening to Les Miserables 10th anniversary (needless to say, but I cried nearly the entire time). The old speakers used to have issues with some of the high notes, but there were ZERO issues now.

    I haven't even optimized the system and it is freaking amazing. I am so ecstatic that my old subwoofer died or I would have not started looking for a new set and ultimately being part of the group buy.

    It is going to be an amazing system when everything is here (including two PSA subs!)

    Thank you for a wonderul product! :clapper:

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    That's really great to hear, mustangvxd. I've been promoting triples of the A2rx-c for the front stage for some time. They match, they're acoustically substantial, and this model particularly projects a huge soundstage. A good option for big, room-filling sound from an affordable, relatively compact setup.

    There'll be a commercial review of this kind of system in the upcoming weeks. I hope they have as much fun with them as you are. Thank you very much for sharing this.