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Jon, will there be any professional reviews on the new line?

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  • Jon, will there be any professional reviews on the new line?


    I'm still enjoying the 4.2 & 4.2c. Man they sound great. Listening to Jack Johnson right now.

    I just wish my media console will arrive (probably still another 7 weeks out) so I can take some decent pics.

    Current Audio Setup (most of my video equipment will be replaced when I get a new tv so it's not worth mentioning :) )-
    Swan 4.2
    Swan 4.2c
    Speakercraft Aim8 Two (rear surrounds)
    Outlaw 990/7125
    Sony CD player circa 1990
    Cobalt Cable Ultimate speaker cables
    Blue Jean Cable Interconnects

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      If ANY review site bashes these speakers then they fall off my "trusted" list. I have auditioned several more expensive speakers and directly compared them to the new Swans. I am still blown away by the value provided by these speakers. Are there better speakers out there, absolutely. Can I afford them, NO! Everyone of my "audiophile" friends that has listened to these always has the same thing to say. Very real , live sound, not harsh, and a near perfect frequency response.

      After watching Black Hawk Down on them the other day. Geez.. I wanted out of that place. It was scary. One scene where the guys gun was hit in the side damaging it was so real sounding I jumped.