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SWAN 6.2F Pictures close-up

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  • SWAN 6.2F Pictures close-up

    Here is the link to the Swan 6.2F. These pictures are copyrighted. So,please no copy.

    Here is my review of the Swan 6.2F.

    - Warm Sound. I like it much better than the **** that I borrow from friend. My other friend that have Warfedale Opus 3 told me to give Swan a try because he said the quality of the mid-range and the silk dome tweeter will give me a warm sound. First, I don't know what he meant by warm sound, and now I know. He also told me the more I listen to it the more I will like it because it required time for those NEW speaker to kick in.
    - build quality
    - include speaker wire.
    - Jon, very nice guy to talk to.

    - Very long waiting for the speaker to arrive.
    - No glove, No Swan booklet
    - The color doesn't look like the one on the website. The color is more like Brown or Cherry.
    - No Tracking Number and were left at the door. No signature required. At first only 1 speaker arrived and I thought the other speaker were stolen. AFter calling Jon, he told me that the shipper suppose to ship 2 bu t they didn't know, so they will ship out another 1 again and I have receive it today.
    - Not as good as the Wharfedale Opus 3, but close. I think because my friend have a nice setup of Moon 5 channels from and I have the Denon 3805, which is not as good as his Moon.

    - Make me waste money to buy CD now and I can't listen to my MP3 music anymore because you can actually tell the different the MP3 file and the CD purchased. Damn Swan :) make me buy CD. I haven't buy CD for 7 years and now i have to.

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    Hello Kabam,

    Next Tuesday my 6.2F will be delivered. I arranged transport myself. If you read the forum you will see that I will inform everybody about my Swans adventure!

    Best regards,