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New Swans Are In The House!

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  • New Swans Are In The House!

    My "classic" 5.2's arrived today, to be followed by my center sometime this week. All the usual about the beat-up outer cartons, but the inner boxes were in perfect shape. After installing the feet and setting the speakers upright I removed the white cotton sacks and was struck by just how beautiful the finish is. These babys are gonna score real high with the significant other, she was never thrilled by the looks of my charcoal grey old speakers. The narrow fronts blend in real nice with the grills on for HT use, but without the grills that beautiful finish is even more noticable. I fired up a CD (The Nightfly) and cranked the volume and was instantly aware of the airy highs and dynamic range. These bad boys can really get loud, while staying very clean. They integrated with my subs very well, especially after I removed the vent plugs (!).
    I didn't even know they were in there until I popped off the grills to check out the drivers. The mid-bass seemed to get fuller without them, so I left them out for break-in. Anyone else get these? I didn't receive any instructions, warranty cards, etc., just a HiVi product catalog. Is this normal? Just wondering, but it's the speakers themselves that are important, and these really seemed great right out of the box. I can't wait for the center to arrive, then the front will have seamless pans (I hope) what with identical drivers and all. So far I'm quite pleased with my purchase, if the new line sounds as good or better than these "classics" then Swan will really have something!

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    Awesome...glad you're enjoying them! The 5.2s are the most attractive of the bunch, imo. May pick me up a pair later. :D


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      So where are the pics?? :wink:


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        They're on the way! I received my mains yesterday and my center today, so I haven't had much time to do a lot of listening or take pictures. Once the weekend gets here I'll take care of business, meanwhile our cats are enjoying satellite radio all day while the speakers break in!