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Initial review of 6.1s

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  • Initial review of 6.1s

    Well, I got my Rosewood 6.1s in today, they are stunningly gorgeous!! They definitely look like they cost much, much more than I paid for them. I only have about 1 1/2hr break-in on them, and they sound AMAZING!! I just heard keyboard notes on my Audioslave cd that I've never heard before, didn't even know it was there! :shock: :D You can clearly hear their fingers moving on the fretboard of the guitars. WOW!! Anyone who said Swans don't sound great have plugs in their ears. After full break-in, I want to do an A/B test against my Kef Reference 2s. The Swans are a little warmer sounding than the kefs, but in accuracy, I bet they would go head to head. And I find the Swans have a much bigger soundstage. Maybe I don't have expensive enough gear to run the Kefs like they should be, but anyway, I am very impressed with the 6.1s. If the new line sounds better than these, I will definitely be picking up a pair!! :D Thanks Jon, for bringing us such a wonderful speaker line at a cost we can all afford!! Keep up the great work!! :lol:

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    Can I say again that I love these speakers!! I've never heard such huge sound coming out of a set of speakers! And you can't tell where the sound is coming from, it's everywhere. My living room opens up into my dining room, and as I sit here typing this, it sounds like the sound is coming around the corner straight to my ears. You can hear every breath the singers take! Now I finally know what people mean by god. My speaker search is over!! I'm sorry if I'm gushing over these, but I'm in love!! :lol: This weekend I will try to post some pics of these beauties. I was afraid they'd be too red looking, but they are a gorgeous medium brown rosewood, much better looking than the newegg pics.

    Jon, if the new line sounds as good or better, you HAVE to get these reviewed by the stereophile mags. These are too good to keep secret! :D


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      Quick update....I decided to upgrade my speaker cables, so I decided to try the inexpensive but highly praised anti-cables from audiogon. I hope this isn't against forum rules, but if you really want to make your swans sing, give those little cables a try. As wonderful as the 6.1s sounded before, the soundstage opened up even more, the band is now set up in my living room! Every detail is there! Every production mistake also though, ouch, lol. Seriously, read the Stereotimes review comparing these to $5000+ speakers, forget the reviews that tested these hooked up to cheap recievers and didn't like the sound. Feed these speakers well, (I'm using an Adcom 565 preamp/Nad 2600A monitor series amp), and you will have a 2 channel setup that will bring you years of enjoyment! Don't believe me? Notice on audiogon and ebay, you hardly EVER see a pair of swans up for sale. That should tell you something. :D Give those speaker cables a try, too! Happy listening everybody!!! 8)