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My (smaller) review of Swans 5.2F

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  • My (smaller) review of Swans 5.2F

    So, after a little waiting and patience, I was able to get my hands on the new 5.2s and I will say right now, the wait was SO worth it.

    For starters, they are not small. They measure 4ft in height and over a foot deep and have some heft - the knuckle-wrap test will prove this. The bentwood cabinet has NO flat faces on it (except in the front) which gives the speaker an overall teardrop-like shape when looked at from above. Very cool. The gloss piano black endcaps add a nice luxirious touch when combined with the beautiful rosewood finish (which actually closely matches my cherry-colored sanus tv stand). For those of you with WAF considerations, these should pass even the most stringent tests What's nice is how the speaker cable terminations are on the bottom - this keeps for a nice "unbroken" look to the speaker - a nice clean look if you ask me. Overall, the build quality is second to none and looks are not to shabby either 8) Pictures are nice but can do no real judgement, these guys must be seen to be fully appreciated.

    So, how do they sound?
    Damn good if you ask me!! These guys needed about 30-35hrs to really break in and let the drivers seat. At that point, the midrange was even clearer, the bass was hitting more aggressively, and the treble/highs smoothed out even more. To begin with, the speaker sounded very good - bass was controlled and deep, midrange was there but it needed to clear a little and the tweeter was/is very musical but (I feel) it needed to settle in line more, so to speak. After some hrs on them, the overall sound was much more integrated with the frequencies seemlessly integrating with one another. All the layers of various recordings could be clearly identified and enjoyed. If I had to categorize the 'sound' I would say it is musical in nature - you can listen to these things for hours and not tire of them - they are not fatiguing to listen to. The sound that comes from these speakers does not in the least bit resemble that of a wooden box. On good recordings I can sit back, close my eyes, and 'see' the music - the soundstage is airy and very open and neutral WITHOUT being harsh. Treble was not forward and the midrange was not hidden under the other frequencies. The bass is what I kind of liked - it hit you hard, fast and went deep without losing control and sounding distorted. I likey

    I mainly listened to Pearl Jam's Ten, A Perfect Circle's 13th Step, Duo Tones Surf Music unplugged, Led Zeppelin, Metallica (older stuff, thanks), Kasabian, Dub, and other misc type of electronic, rap, and rock. Good recordings let the speakers shine and do their work while poorly recorded mixes can still be enjoyed - we all know how that works... In fact, I'm kinda rockin out to Pearl Jam - Jeremy right now. Muahahaha.

    I would not hesitate to recommend these speakers to anyone nor will they be leaving my set-up for the forseeable future (unless TAI has something up their sleeves). People come over and go "oohhhh, those are nice..," the g/f says they are big but do not take away from the room, aka, she likes them hence passing the "girl" test, and my roommate from day one, has repeated the same thing, "these things are pretty nice." So, take what you will but I'm keeping them...

    To sum it up, the soundstage is open, it's clear, it's neutral, the midrange is not overly done and the bass hits you in the chest when needed. Good stuff.

    - Christian

    Edit: I would post pics but jephdood has his pics up and they get the idea across. Only the woofers on the 5.2s aren't as intense. If you crave them, I'll put some up :wink:

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    That was nice-sauce.
    Ha!! Thats awesome. And I always get crap for saying weak sauce...

    Thanks for the props 8) Yeah, it would be nice to compare those two speakers side by side. However, 4ft of speaker and 2x 6.5" woofers is enough for me. I cant imagine what kind of presence the 6.2 has both in physical form and how it sounds in the nether-regions. HAHA!

    - Christian


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      Oops. Showed up as "Guest" there. Forgot to log in.

      They do rattle the nether-regions pretty good.. :D


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        I would love it if you posted some pictures of the 5.2. I would appreciate it if you could take some pictures alongside some sort of reference point so that I could appreciate the physical size and how it blends into your set-up. Physical measurements just never work for me. Sometimes I find it hard to visualize.

        Would probably help out with WAF approval process :lol:



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          Good luck with the WAF. I don't see how she could take a look at these beauties and possibly say no. :D


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            hey rob,

            yeah, pictures are going up real soon like. 8)

            I'm gonna take them during the day cause the flash always jacks up wood hues...

            - christian


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              Christian, can you confirm the dimension of the 5.2F? Is it really 14.4 width, 18.8 deep and 48.5 high? Thanks a lot.


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                The specs I get are a bit different:

                H: ~46" with feet to top of tweeter (on normal carpet)
                D: ~15.25" give or take a couple of tenths
                W: ~ 10.75" give or take a wee bit :)

                Yeah, it's still not a small speaker but not quite as gnarly as a full 48.5" - whew!!! As for the weight, I wish I had a scale but by lifting them up (awkward as it is) I would have to say that they are in the ballpark of 60lbs or so.

                - Christian


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                  No prob.

                  I didn't really have a hard time placing the speakers. They're more or less tall and narrow so they fit nicely into corners. It's also nice that they are front ported...

                  - Christian