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  • Swan H5 Review

    The new Swan H series of premium active desktop speakers is gaining audiophile attention. Excerpts from this review in the TAI user comments section follow:
    I'm a week into breaking these speakers in and I'm already blown away. I'm not an audio professional, but I do take audio quality very seriously and I'm impressed. The H5 pair seems to present a solid, cohesive wall of sound. Everything is rich and warm, presented smoothly and clearly. The powerful intensity of the sound reminds me of what Grado headphones are loved for. [...]

    The H5s are comparing very favorably to my format testbed--an Audeze LCD-2 driven by a Pico headphone amp/DAC, and Audio Technica CK10 in-ears driven by the same. In all of these classes of product there are many higher price points, but the general consensus is that these all offer the greatest (albeit premium) bang for your buck.

    I spent a solid 20 hours scouring through reviews for active speakers--and while the newness of the H5 means there aren't as many reviews out there for it as for some competitors, I was challenged to find anyone who had anything the slightest bit negative to say about Swan. [...] These speakers confirm that Swan deserves that reputation; some of what makes audio sound good comes down to opinion, and no set of speakers will win every comparison. But every time, in every forum thread of 50 or a hundred or more posts, Swan was acknowledged as a market leader in the powered speaker realm. With these H5s on hand, I can wholeheartedly agree. They hold their own against anything and everything you don't have to refinance your house to buy.

    The H5 includes Swan's most flexible user setup features. All Swan H series models on hand at TAI are also on special at their lowest prices ever. Look for the coupon code in the product page.