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My A5's and A1B's

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  • My A5's and A1B's

    I have been using these speakers for the last week. The A5's are hooked up to a Denon 1612 as the front L&R in my modest 5.1 media room. They are well built, heavy and most importantly sound fantastic.:D The sound is very 3-dimensional and clean. I can listen to dish radio channels in 2.1 and they are simply stunning, imho. They have all the characteristics that are talked about by those that know audio. I, however, am just a guy that wants a great speaker at a great price. Jon has hit a home run with the A5's. I do not tire from listening to these speakers and am amazed at the clarity, transparency and imaging. They disappear and all I hear is sound that far exceeds the enclosure. The A1B's are in my private office ~12x12 as a 2.0 system. They sound like smaller versions of the A5 to my ears. For this size room they seem to be a perfect fit. Obviously, one needs to select the speaker size for the application, and with my Arx products I am very pleased. I searched far and wide for a speaker upgrade and am pleased that I waited for this group buy. Can't wait for the subwoofer and what else Jon may have in store. Kudos to TAI and those involved in the refinement of these speakers. It appears that they spent a great deal of time, and that they are motivated to produce a quality product. Regards, Bradley

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    Great stuff and thank you very much, Bandg. We are indeed motivated to show what can be done at the more affordable end of the spectrum, and it's fun to give the Big Brands a run here.