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Home Theater 700 Series Review - First 7 Speakers

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  • Home Theater 700 Series Review - First 7 Speakers

    Hi everyone,

    I have been enjoying my new Chane 700 speakers for a few months now, and thought its about time I did a bit of a mini review about them now that I've had a good amount of time with them.

    Firstly I count myself as being very lucky to even have these speakers in the first place - being I'm all the way over in New Zealand!, during the who process Jon was fantastic to deal with, very quick with advice and responses to emails, not to mention this is a very long way for these speakers to travel to get to me ( but I'm sure glad they have!) - thank you Jon!.

    My current dedicated home theater room ( a double bedroom converted into a fully light and sound controlled bat-cave ) is very much on the small side for the choice of speakers sizes I have, but I certainly like them, and my room is heavily sound treated (sound reflections mainly) to compensate for the rooms smaller size - resulting it in being very quiet with just a hint of liveliness.

    I run a 7.2.4 setup, and currently have 2 X 753 and main left/right, 5 X 752 for Center, surround left/right and surround back left/right and two SVS subs on base duty.

    Previously I had been running modified floor standing Klipsch speakers, with mass loading on the horns to tame them down a bit ( that does help them a lot ), right off the bat I can tell you will not have that problem with the Chane 700's !, just silky smooth treble, no hash sound, it's hard to even believe they are horns after having been using Klipsch for years, I never knew horns could sound this good for this price range!.

    I'm still waiting for a set of 4 x 740s for the ceiling speakers, so cant comment on those just yet (current ceiling speakers are modified Klipsch again), but what I do notice is they still sound harsher than the new Chane's even though they are on the roof and modified, I certainly can notice harshness coming from the ceiling when compared to the 700's that are surrounding me - even though the ceiling Klipsch have been modified and out numbered by the Chane's. (cant wait until the 740s are ready).

    I currently have a Yamaha CX-A5100 processor, Emotiva XPA3 7 X 300w (we're on 240 volts here, Emotiva's XPA3 power supply on 240v can do ~3KW), and the Yamaha MX-5000 running the roof speakers (4 X 150w).

    I mainly watch movies in this room, I have a JVC 4K projector with a 120inch screen, but what I was finding is with the Chane's is - I really get drawn into music in the movies, and I have even dragged a CD player up there and connected it to the system, something I would never had thought I would do, this is testament to just how musical the Chane 700 series are along with plenty of ~grunt and dynamics for movies as well, fantastic work Jon.

    Now I must admit, I was on the fence between the L's and the 700's and ultimately went with the 700's because I mainly watch movies and they sounded more suited to that task, so I pulled the trigger on the 700's, shortly after some of the L's reviews started coming in, and they sounded very good from what people were saying, and I started to wonder if I hadn't made a mistake, but as the few weeks pasted by (shipping), then I received the 700's and connected them all up.

    I let them run in for a good 72 hours or so and like any speakers after that I did some fine tuning with placement and toe-in (they needed far less than my previous speakers).

    Once I had them dialed in where I liked them, I sat down to do some critical listening, all I could say is WOW!, and no it was not a mistake going with the 700's over the L's for me at least - sure the L's maybe another level up in refinement and component selection but these 700's are absolutely superb with plenty of wow factor.

    The music is just so much more Holographic and 3D than I am used to, the dynamic agile and natural sound these things put out, just blew me away, listening to some of my favorite music, I could pin point all the instruments, and where the singer was standing, the sound was just hanging and seemingly like its emitting virtually from mid-air with plenty of emotional connection as well - it really took me by surprise just how much better these are over my previous speakers.

    Then I turned to some movies, and put on a few of my favorite scenes, and again, wow, I was hearing things I never heard before, and noticing affects I hardly noticed before, sound expanding far beyond the walls in my room, I was being engulfed in audio bliss, I cranked the volume on Tenant (probably too high really), and wow again, just the authority these things have with plenty of grunt behind them - I noticed no distortion or any signs of breaking up. ( I had ringing in my ears on and smile a mile wide after lol).

    These are really easy to listen to for longer periods of time (which I did not find with my previous speakers) and as others have said, you might find yourself wanting to crank the volume more than usual, not because you cant hear them or something is missing - quite the opposite - its just because they are so superb and connecting to listen to - it gets addicting - and the higher the volume the more they do that.

    I've since had a few friends around, and sat them down, played some music tracks, its quite amazing to watch them as they realize what they are listening to and they start pointing out they can here where the guitar is or where the drums are, pretty cool hearing those sort of comments coming from people who are not normally into Hi-Fi.

    It pretty much goes with-out saying at this stage I am very happy with the new Chane 700 series, Jon has certainly worked his magic here - these are an excellent all round speaker and well worth the asking price.

    Attached - A couple quick snaps of my setup (I was just about to watch 'Yesterday' for the first time):

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Pic1.png Views:	1 Size:	1.10 MB ID:	118114
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic2.png Views:	1 Size:	1,011.0 KB ID:	118111
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic3.png Views:	1 Size:	1.12 MB ID:	118113
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic4.png Views:	1 Size:	1.30 MB ID:	118112
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic5.png Views:	1 Size:	1.53 MB ID:	118115
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic6.png Views:	1 Size:	1.64 MB ID:	118116
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    Originally posted by nzryan View Post
    I've since had a few friends around, and sat them down, played some music tracks, its quite amazing to watch them as they realize what they are listening to and they start pointing out they can hear where the guitar is or where the drums are, pretty cool hearing those sort of comments coming from people who are not normally into Hi-Fi.
    Originally posted by nzryan View Post
    ...plenty of emotional connection...
    A lovely review nzryan, and thank you for sharing it. I'm always a little amazed when folks independently use the same descriptors for the same sound, and how we are sometimes drawn to a performance and have to just sit to watch it.

    Great stuff!


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      great review! you have a very nice setup. Yesterday is a great choice to demo new speakers, too.


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        This is an absolutely beautiful room. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the 700 series speakers. It makes me look forward to receiving my order that much more. It's always reassuring to read these stellar reviews.

        Can I ask what crossover settings you ended up using?


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          Hi guys, thanks for looking through the review!, I'm really enjoying the 700's and happy to share my experience with them, as for the crossover - I currently have them running at full range (I have been switching between full range and 60, 80 periodically, but may settle with full range as I don't need to drive them very hard in this room and it all just sounds a bit fuller ( and I enjoy the increased localized bass from surround effects as well)).