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Subwoofer Shootout of the Chane TAI 190 subwoofer vs the Elac 3010 10" subwoofer

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  • Subwoofer Shootout of the Chane TAI 190 subwoofer vs the Elac 3010 10" subwoofer

    Some of the features and controls of the Chane TAI 190 subwoofer:: a level control to adjust the level of bass volume. Plus it has inputs from an amplifier (bypassing the internal amplifier) plus two different inputs: one low level RCA jack without crossover (this is the one I used) and another RCA jack with an adjustable frequency crossover using a control just above it. It also detects sound audio from the preamp and automatically turns on when it detects sound and turns off when it detects no sound after a certain time period.

    My room is 12 ft by 13 x 8 ft high, which is considered small. I have used the Elac 3010 subwoofer for about a year now. It is a 10-in powered subwoofer with a Bluetooth smartphone application for control. I was using the Emotiva Emo Q (from my 7 channel preamp/processor) which automates the frequency response setup of the speakers using static noise and a microphone. All of the speakers except for the subwoofer were set to small with a crossover of 80 Hertz.

    I was amazed at the quickness, accuracy, and low bass output compared to the Elac. Bass drum hits had a quickness and accuracy as I was listening to Led Zeppelin first album and the Eagles. Saint Saens symphony number 3, which has a very deep organ, had bass notes you could feel. In the Jazz area, Boney James Sweet Thing has a very deep bass guitar and is deeper than most other jazz sax albums. And the TAI 190 accurately reproduced the quickness of the bass attack and in great quantity. Even my symphonies and concertos have enhanced rich bass, with no boominess at all.

    Overall with the TAI 190 being a 10, I would say the Elac was about a seven. 10 being the highest rating. The Elac 3030 sells for $597. I am certainly completely satisfied with the TAI 190. I also felt like the power of the built in subwoofer amplifier of the TAI 190 was quite adequate in my smaller room. And I would think that it would be enough for medium size rooms even at fairly loud levels.

    I did not hear any clipping whatsoever at rock concert levels. My girlfriend was startled by the deep bass of rolling thunder from a TV show thunderstorm. The thunder felt and sounded real to me. When I started using the Elac subwoofer, I thought is was ok, not having anything to compare it to.. All in all, I am rather amazed at the quality and low price of the TAI 190 subwoofer.