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Chane L Series Interest Thread and List

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  • Chane L Series Interest Thread and List

    This fall Chane expects to introduce various new high-end loudspeakers in an L series of models. Larger and more deluxe than their A series counterparts, L models raise the performance bar in a styled speaker series in a higher price tier.

    What is this thread for? This thread is to compile interest for two of these new models, the L6 center speaker and L7 main floor speakers. Both are medium-large, multiple-driver 3-way designs with superb tech, class-leading quality, and exacting engineering. ( For comparisons, their basic parameters follow below.)

    Chane has already enjoyed substantial interest for these models and would like to give prospective users a place to make a tentative reservation. We'd also like to summarize what the L models are under the hood.

    How do I get involved? It's simple; if you are genuinely interested in owning the L7 floor speaker or L6 center speaker, simply comment below. To coordinate demand, we'll compile a list of interested readers while we prepare Spring production.

    Reservation list
    1st Time Caller jhsmith123 bluemoon Speakerlab7 Torque
    nzryan Spidacat dougnliz Gumootn kabin
    uvjustin veedub Steve1232 Kerbouchard turntable_life
    Meander butch3217 dnkohn royalusa xo151
    noysboy lori s Jason Bodine marjen mavinwow
    cdavis2260 jstewart sirjapedo superfan evan96formula
    vanven42 cgramer ndamiani Rvrd90 DevNull
    VinylDreams blogreader wonleed nmkaleb7 marksman
    rloyola0426 onepostwonder madmax94 bjjpanda bkeeler10
    rj1234 dnkohn The Gief shackz71 mb1973
    Djsncman VTminer Renixinq RC Audio Mac4k
    Roady86 Vergiliusm FlipCpt45 copperhorse73 economyte
    What else? Chane also has a newsletter list. Join it by visiting our front page and simply adding your contact info. We'll add an L series product channel on the main site once we're in production. We only send a newsletter when we have something to announce and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    That's it. Below are tables of general specs and features. If you're interested, pop a comment in the thread (and subscribe to the Chane newsletter) and we'll take it from there. Thank you very much for your interest.


    How do the A and L series contrast? General comparisons and specifications follow. Note that aside from determining approximate acoustical class, these terms cannot illustrate sound or quality.
    Cabinet Front/back plate Grilles Bass Midrange Treble Design type
    A Series Sim. black ash Same Black knit, steel pegs Treated paper Treated paper .875 x 1.875" planar Uniform acoustic power
    L Series Sim. walnut case Contoured tex. black Styled, black, magnetic catches Black alum. Treated paper 1.375/1.14" ring/dome All-domain uniformity
    Driver tech Driver area Volume Sensitivity Impedance Bandwidth
    A5.4 SplitGap bass, planar treble 380 sq cm 30 liters, reflex bass 92dB 6 ohms 40Hz-30kHz
    L7 Low reactance mid/bass, ringdome treble 554 sq cm 75 liters, sealed bass 93dB 6 ohms 40Hz-27.5kHz
    A2.4 SplitGap bass, planar treble 190 sq cm 17 liters, reflex bass 90dB 8 ohms 42Hz-30kHz
    L6 Low reactance mid/bass, ringdome treble 400 sq cm 40 liters, sealed bass 92dB 4 ohms 40Hz-27.5kHz
    What are the fundamental differences? When considering an L model Chane recommends bumping up one speaker class size. As Driver Area and Volume show, the L speaker can run roughly twice the size of an A model, at least when using the comparison above. The larger, more deluxe, and higher-tech L model also costs about twice as much.

    What are the key technical differences? Chane long ago pledged to always select real performance advantages over typical production speakers. For our A line we chose XBL2 "SplitGap" midwoofers and complimenting planar tweeter for high dynamic stability in a relatively compact speaker.

    With larger models in mind, for the L line we ultimately selected very low reactance driver motors for simply exceptional microdynamic detail and definition while staying natural and musical. Where before SplitGap overcame the size restrictions of the A models, the L models could exploit another driver and design strategy, one aimed at expanding these models into higher and higher definition sound.

    We'll add more information in the upcoming L series product channel. For now, you're invited to join and we'll update periodically. (All standard site terms apply.)

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    You know I want a pair of 7's and a 6. I have been waiting a LLOOOONNNNGGG time :)


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      Excited about the L7's

      I will be interested in the L7's
      James H Smith


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        I'm interested in the L7 or possibly a pair of L6 for the L/R front.


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          Interested in the L-series

          I would tentatively be interested in the L7 (2) and the L6.
          1) At some point I will need the physical dimension info
          2) Will this be anything like the GB from the original Arx introduction.
          Ken Hoffman


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            Originally posted by SpeakerLab7 View Post
            1) At some point I will need the physical dimension info
            2) Will this be anything like the GB from the original Arx introduction.
            1. We'll update all specs when studio photography comes back. The L7 is a larger A5 - taller, quite a bit deeper, and wide enough to fit the 6.5" woofers. The L6 is a five driver, wide center; with 6.5" and 4.5" drivers, as compact as it can be drafted to be.
            2. Yes, there will. Price is unknown but will also update asap.


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              Tentatively, L7s and L6. Thanks


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                At Last!!

                Hi Jon,

                Been waiting for a long time (since 2015-2016 ) and still interested!, so certainly interested in the L7 (x6) , L6 (x1) and some L3C (x4).

                Will the L3C be available? and also will all of these be in home theater friendly black ash?

                Thanks, Ryan


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                  Originally posted by nzryan View Post
                  Been waiting for a long time (since 2015-2016 ) and still interested!, so certainly interested in the L7 (x6) , L6 (x1) and some L3C (x4).
                  I regret how long it's taken. However, the immersion effect - the X factor - we're getting is intense. I can only imagine what a system that large and equipped will sound like. You're a lucky guy.

                  Originally posted by nzryan View Post
                  Will the L3C be available? and also will all of these be in home theater friendly black ash?
                  The L3c and L3 will appear at the same time. We'll start in walnut but if demand is strong, can fairly easily add black ash. Either way, the fronts and backs are a lightly textured molded black. Low diffraction, good looks, and excellent visual quality. The grilles are contoured to ride on the raised flat driver boards, leaving the curved beveled edges exposed.


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                    Definitely interested in an L6 center and a pair of L7's.


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                      Interested in a pair of L7s and an L6. As well as surrounds, either a pair to mate with my A1.4s or four of something to replace them.


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                        Please, please, please put me on the L7 list, Jon.


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                          Yes please, L6 and L7s.


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                            Interested in a pair of L7s and a L6!


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                              Interested in a pair of L7s and L6