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Chane L Series Interest Thread and List

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  • Originally posted by 1st Time Caller View Post
    I am happy I have not seen any of that kind of crap posted anywhere and you know most of us will vigorously defend you and Chane. I also agree once the speakers hit the channel and people can hear and live with the new speakers all the chatter will be a new narrative of how great they are and we hate that the supply chain ran out so fast.
    Thanks. It's minor league stuff and because it's so obviously baseless I'm sure paints itself in a poor light. People have a pretty sensitive gauge for that sort of thing.

    Regarding supply, the ideal for our company is regularly scheduled rapid small-batch production. As noted before, the overall goal is large scale economies and QC but delivered with those small batch methods to keep things flexible and responsive. The A series, on the other hand, depends on large scale production and so it risks running out before the clock comes around again. Given its demand this has happened a few times, although it happens all over the place so we're not unique. In audio there are scores of out-of-stocks, model turnovers, entire dropped lines, special models for special resellers, and the like all the time.

    Originally posted by 1st Time Caller View Post
    My biggest fear is you will release the 6 and 7 the 3rd week of sept and I will be in Europe not coming home until oct. If I could order and pre pay now I would but I know you wont release and do pricing until all is ready. Now if you tell us there will be a choice of finishes that would be another bid smiley. (you know I am partial to a chetry rose wood)
    I think we'll produce the cherry first, then black. Then I'd like to poll and see if there's demand for the light ash look that's prevalent now. These finishes are not real wood - yet - but they are what the majors are flocking to because it just looks so good. It's also affordable - which L really was all about to begin with - and it's green. It's a great option, and prices will be attractive, maybe even surprising. I'd like to get into really premium finishes later, although naturally our costs will rise substantially.

    As mentioned, all this stuff has an important internal design aspect to it too. The A series, which is increasingly hard to beat, evolved to it but it was first fully developed for the L line and the other behind-the-scenes models. I'm very pleased with it. It never comes up in public conversations about 'science', but it's the first priority and the most important element.

    We generally roll out a Group Buy about 30 days prior and I see no reason not to this time - they've been tremendously popular. At that point we'll have to see what exterior finishes folks prefer and then respond accordingly. Your thoughts are always welcome...


    • Sounds like there might be new 10% tariffs on Chinese sourced consumer goods in a month or so. I can't remember where the L series is being manufactured but worst case 10% isn't too bad a hit.


      • It would be nice if Jon would tell us the first shipments are on the boat already :) but I know Jon, they will be done when they are ready and not before.


        • Originally posted by 1st Time Caller View Post
          It would be nice if Jon would tell us the first shipments are on the boat already :) but I know Jon, they will be done when they are ready and not before.
          Yes, I'm looking forward to some pics and specifics. Hopefully we're getting close.


          • Please count me in for 2 L7s and 1 L6.


            • Originally posted by kabin View Post
              Yes, I'm looking forward to some pics and specifics. Hopefully we're getting close.
              It appears we are. I'm going to stand by until we have definite dates and facts and then fill everyone in.


              • I want ash to match my current A series.


                • I'm interested in the black as well.


                  • Mr. Lane,

                    Please forgive me in advance, but I have a very petty question to ask I'm not a huge fan of the existing logo and would prefer it to not be a part of the speaker grill (my a2rxcs do not have the logo, but my a1.4 (1.5s?) do. I don't mind the presence of a logo on the grill, I actually would like people who visit my home to know about Chane, but I can't help but admit I'd prefer no logo to the current one. But I'm looking for these to be a "higher end" purchase, and I hate to say the current logo seems out of place, at least to me.

                    I know that makes me sound like a snobbish ass, and it is a highly subjective issue, and I don't want to give offense; but I admit appearances (including the speaker finish) matter to me when spending more on speakers that I hope will be with me for some time.

                    So I suppose the question is: Will the current logo be placed on the speaker grill? Can it be removed easily or ordered without the logo?

                    I admire your work immensely and have been more than happy with my existing purchase. I'm looking forward to seeing images of the new models!


                    • The grille logo should be easy enough to remove. It'll be on the bottom edge of the magnetic grilles.

                      Images will transpire as production finishes, and both this thread and the main site will reflect that.

                      (As an aside, we actually selected the logo because we felt the industry could come off as stuffy and we wanted to inject a little levity into our small part of it. The font is more reminiscent of a handmade object than the usual flowing-script, champagne-and-roses stereotypes found in the high end ... ironically, for speaker product a lot more handmade than ours. But, taste is personal and as noted, the badging should remove easily enough.)


                      • Logos are incredibly subjective, and I assumed that Jon was personally attached...
                        I have no issue with it whatsoever, and I don't let the crowd guide my opinions.
                        I can't say that I've ever disliked a small visual so much that I would want to have it removed. Anyways...

                        Speakers with either horizontal or vertical placement generally (from my experience) have the logo plate unattached so that it be affixed in the correct orientation by the user (depending how they have it placed).
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                        • Hello Jon, my dear old friend
                          I've come to ask you once again
                          Because a vision softly creeping
                          Left its seeds of L's while I was sleeping
                          And the vision that was planted in my brain
                          Still remains
                          to break the sound of silence

                          In restless dreams I hear alone
                          A stage so wide and wonderus tone
                          'Neath the feeling of a bass so sweet
                          I turned my ears to listen complete
                          When my mind was embraced by a sound so pure
                          That my spirit soared
                          And broke the sound of silence

                          So give us pictures now to see
                          and a time to order from thee
                          People waiting with open arms
                          People waiting without alarm
                          People wanting Chanes so heaven they may share
                          We all care
                          Please Disturb our sounds of silence


                          • You're a poet but don't know it. You can't rush a good thing!


                            • A little poetic motivation can't hurt. Can it?

                              Waiting to listen to The Sounds of Silence on the new L7s.


                              • That's good, 1st Time Caller. I'm speechless.

                                I'd love to fill up this thread with the good stuff but I'm going to hold off for fear of jinxing something. I'll say only that all production meetings are complete and we're just double-checking volume planning, meaning what fits into where once we move into, well, moving product. Every aspect is a little different so everyone's being a little more careful.

                                We're working with four major factories now, and a dozen major technologies within that structure. I'm going to err on the side of caution and let them do what they do before I chime in. Photos and text and content come next - had a nice chat with the web guys today too.

                                Nice effort you guys, and here's to our own efforts paying off before long. Thank you for your patience.