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Chane L Series Interest Thread and List

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  • I haven't heard either the 230's or L3C but the L3Cs are significantly larger with more driver surface area so I would bet they play louder too.

    If I need a nap I'll be sure to turn on the super bowl. :)


    • Well, I like the A 1.4's better than the Studio 530. I did a mini comparison on AVS if you want to look for it. The 230's have the bigger woofer, but don't even have the compression tweeter that the 530's have. I bought the 530's on sale because there was so much hype for them. Nothing wrong with them in general, but they didn't wow me. The sound wasn't all that cohesive, like the crossover needs some work. The L3c is a bigger better version of the A 2.4, so I would expect that you'd prefer the L3c by quite a large margin.


      • Good morning, folks. I owe this thread another update. With about a dozen new models under development we've had a lot going on, but the L7 and L6 remain top priorities. They just happen to also be suffering unforeseen part shortages, which for L7 will extend forward some weeks. 2020 is still with us, it seems.

        Among the new models are some very interesting planned developments.

        L2 and L2c. Just as 3 designates 6.5” based models, the 2 sub-series involves one size smaller models, the 5.25" class. Having debuted SB Acoustic's 5.25” NRX cones in our Dana line, we'd like to relaunch a 5.25” line using their poly-graphite cone drivers. The immense popularity of the premium small speaker and the extremely high quality of SB Acoustics drivers combine in a planned replacement for the Dana 630i and 630iLCR, our original two 5" models and the first to use SB Acoustics. They'll be L2 and L2c, respectively.

        L2 is the next gen 5.25" compact reference speaker for Chane. It's a ten liter 2-way, this time using a 21mm ringdome, which is the perfect match for the 5.25" class SBA driver. Both feature improved dispersion for shorter listening distances in smaller spaces. We'll use the superb poly-graphite midwoofer, SB's best sounding driver series for these models outside of their Satori brand. Making it all work is Chane's specialized crossover filters - you can expect leading openness, musicality, and envelopment, all trademarks of the L models.

        L2c is the larger, longer, double 5.25" speaker to match drivers with the L2. It's the new compact center and LCR speaker, and it works either horizontally or vertically - use three for a matched front stage of identical premium models. Everything else that applies to the L2 applies to the L2c: same build quality, same 21mm ringdome tweeter, and the same Chane design tuning and sound but in a larger, louder, and even more enveloping sound. If you know what our A2.4 can do, this is next-level.

        There's a new feature in these two models, however. Both shall introduce our new deluxe finish, which is a marine plywood case, a painted front driver board, real veneers, and exposed end grains all along the back edges of the main case. Chane intends to take advantage of new production options and make these two models the first in a new style. I personally expect L2 and L2c to unseat popular top models in value and sound, while looking fantastic.

        Most of you know that our first production of L3c sold through even as it stocked for the first time. L3 will be depleted soon too. Our next production has been in planning since January. Because there's been so much demand for it, as L2 and l2c arrive, so too will L3 and L3c in all-black, matching both the A Series and 700 Series. We've doubled production quantities and we hope we'll have enough to last 60-90 days, or enough time to reschedule.

        L7 and L6 will not rejoin this run, but they will join the next one. We're excited to announce that as plans hold, both models will arrive in the same standard sim. black as as well as, for an uptick in cost, the hardwood style introduced in L2 and L2c. From there we'll work to normalize stocks.

        Beyond lie other things: We plan a model L1c and a model LO1, a 3-driver MTM and a single fullrange mini, both in the 4.5” class. I'm looking into a 6.5” fullrange too.

        Whatever it is, it'll post here as we know it. Thanks for your tremendous support.


        • I know things are challenging these days with component supply chains, especially with Covid and the extended Chinese New Year. With that being said, do you think that the L7 and L6 part shortages will continue for a few weeks, or do you think more realistic expectation is months? Just want to set my expectations and ongoing budget for discretionary purchases appropriately.

          Thanks for the update.


          • Jon Thanks for the update I am hoping to get my speakers L6 and 2 L7's, by June (my birthday) Have you heard anything solid from sb acoustics on delivery yet? Sounds like this may extend to july or even next year if each run is taking 90 days.


            • Originally posted by 1st Time Caller View Post
              Jon Thanks for the update I am hoping to get my speakers L6 and 2 L7's, by June (my birthday) Have you heard anything solid from sb acoustics on delivery yet? Sounds like this may extend to july or even next year if each run is taking 90 days.
              I can't imagine these parts taking to next year or even July. We're standing by for the dates. I think more like 60 days should do it.


              • Jon
                Still no updates from SB acoustics? If a hundred of us email them will it help?


                • It's been about a month since the last update. Any progress on getting the mid range drivers and/or footing hardware for the L6/L7's? Even though I missed the presale on the first "L" releases I'm wondering if I should just go with three L3c's since they're in stock?


                  • I really appreciate the interest guys, and as the year moves forward there's a ton we want to share. With so much done, we have few hurdles from this point on, and the trajectory is, I think, exciting. We'll always post such news here before we do anywhere elsewhere.

                    The remaining parts for L7 (which also fit 753 and A5.5) are some weeks out. Like drivers, they can be on a 60 day turnaround, that being what typical OEM scheduling does.

                    More here as it happens. Always.


                    • Is it still looking like late April/early May for all of the drivers/parts to arrive?


                      • Originally posted by mb1973 View Post
                        Is it still looking like late April/early May for all of the drivers/parts to arrive?
                        We're taking it a week at a time. We see shortages of tweeters right now, and there are still also shortages of machined metal parts. We're doing all we can...