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Upgrade from 2 HB-1 MK2 Horn Bookshelf Speakers: Dana 630i or 640i(213 or 2014)

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  • Upgrade from 2 HB-1 MK2 Horn Bookshelf Speakers: Dana 630i or 640i(213 or 2014)

    I am upgrading from HSU 2 HB-1 MK2 Horn Bookshelf Speakers and I am wondering which would serve better the Dana 630i or 640i(213 or 2014)? I have a subwoofer and my room den is modest. Which would be a true upgrade from my current speakers? I use them for music and Home Theater


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    Legal, if we define the model you're upgrading from in basic terms, we get a sense of how to proceed to a true upgrade rather than just a sideways move.

    First, it's a 6.5"-based design: It has a 6.5" woofer and the speaker's bass response and efficiency are defined by its internal volume and by that woofer's parameters. Second, above the crossover point its output and distortion are dictated by the tweeter type.

    The discontinued Dana 640i was also a 6.5" system, although since it was a larger speaker its physics gave improved bass extension, loudness, or both. Since the Dana has lower efficiency, we conclude it was designed more as a broad-range speaker with relatively deep bass and less as a high output monitor to be used above 80Hz with a subwoofer.

    The Dana 630i, on the other hand, is a 5.25" system in a much smaller enclosure and so while it too will not have the higher efficiency and high output, it does limit its bass response and works well with a subwoofer.

    In both cases the Dana tweeter is a direct radiating (not horn loaded) 25mm/1" dome. The model you own I believe is also a 25mm dome, but it's loaded into a waveguide, which both constricts its output into a narrower space and thereby raises it's loudness.

    In short, the Danas are designed for less average output but equal to or greater bass response, in one case significantly so. The Dana drivers are also very advanced, and as far as I know, unique in Dana in a production Internet-direct product. In this factor I'd claim they are well beyond the norm in terms of definition, resolution, and low distortion.

    Taking this all into consideration gives a sensible option: The Dana 630iLCR is a dual woofered version of the 630i. It has twice the cabinet volume, high sensitivity, and doubled power handling in the bass. Used on end, it's a tall, higher output monitor that can establish a nice big image I think you'll find excels in definition, natural musicality, and clean sound. It may not play quite as loud as your current speaker, but it should exceed the norm for this product category elsewhere, especially at the sale price.

    As another option, the upcoming Arx A2rx-c is also a dual 5.25" MTM (midbass/tweeter/midbass) model that can be used vertically too. It's advantage is that it has about double the maximum headroom as the comparable Dana model, and if you drive it well, should exceed the average 80Hz-and-above 6.5" monitor nearly everywhere.


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      Thank you.

      For further reference, I have a Denon AVR-2311CI receiver. So which are you saying is a better fit?

      The dana 630iLCR due to its definition, natural musicality and clean sound or the upcoming ARX A2rx-c because of the double maximum headroom as the comparable Dana Model? Both are within budget.

      Loudness is not a factor, clean solid sound is. Given I am not a speaker person, I want a better music experience than my current HSU's. I wish I could go into more detail to assist you with helping me.

      Are you also saying that I would need to go from a monitor type to a regular speaker to upgrade? Hopefully, one of the above would serve as the next step up as an upgrade.



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        With both established as acoustically large enough to emulate most of what you're used to, the Dana 630iLCR best fits the standard of "better music experience." I think both the Arx and Dana will do so, actually, and the Arx also play louder, but the Dana are unsurpassed in fleshing out details and nuances.

        You would also use either about how you use your current speakers. Crossover points and placement would be unchanged.

        Thank you very much for your interest and I hope we can serve you.