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HT-R550 powering A3s?

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  • HT-R550 powering A3s?

    Hi, I have an Onkyo HT-R550 receiver. I am in the market to upgrade my speakers, but I was wondering how well my receiver would power the A3s, and A2 center? My receiver is not exactly high end, but as I understand from reading about these speakers, they seem to handle power very efficiently.


    HT-R550 7.1-Channel A/V Surround
    Home Theatre Receiver
    • 160 W/Ch, Minimum into 8 Ω, 1 kHz, 1 Channel
    Driven, JEITA
    • 130 W/Ch, Minimum into 8 Ω, 1 kHz, 1 Channel
    Driven, IEC
    [B]• 110 W/Ch, Minimum into 8 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 Channels
    Driven, FTC[/B]
    • DTS®, DTS® 96/24, DTS-ES® Discrete/Matrix,
    DTS® Neo:6 Decoding
    • Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital EX, Dolby® Pro
    Logic® IIx Decoding
    • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
    • Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry
    • H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Massive
    High Power Transformer
    • 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs for All Channels
    • 32-Bit Processing DSP Chip
    • HDMI Pass-Thru (1080p Compatible; 2 Inputs
    and 1 Output)*
    • HDTV-Capable (50 MHz) Component Video
    Switching (3 Inputs/1 Output)
    • 4 Digital Inputs (2 Optical/2 Coaxial)
    • 3 S-Video Inputs and 2 Outputs
    • A-Form Listening Mode Memory
    • Non-Scaling Configuration
    • Late Night Mode (High/Low/Off)
    • Pure Audio Mode
    • CinemaFILTER™
    • Double Bass Function
    • Tone Control (Bass/Treble) for Front L/R Channels
    • Direct Mode
    • Speaker A/B Drive
    • Color-Coded 7.1-Multichannel Inputs (Receive
    7.1 Surround Sound from Compatible Blu-ray
    and HD-DVD Players)
    • Color-Coded Speaker Terminals
    • 40 FM/AM Random presets
    • Audyssey 2EQ/HTIB Technology to Correct
    Room Acoustic Problems and to Calibrate
    • Crossover Adjustment (40/50/60/80/100/120/
    150/200 Hz) for Bass Management
    • Compatible with the RI (Remote Interactive)
    Dock for the iPod
    • A/V Synchronization Function (Up to 100 ms in
    20 ms Steps)

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    This is a great choice, K-Dubb, especially given the high current headroom Onkyo's have. Nice.