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Subwoofer recommendation for A3s

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  • Subwoofer recommendation for A3s

    I just purchased some A3s for use in my study and I'm looking for recommendations for reasonably priced subwoofers (like $300). It's a small room (15 x 15) with 8 foot ceilings. While some might suggest I dont need a sub, I'm a bass player and need to hear the bass in the music I listen to loud and clear.

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    Subwoofer for A3's

    I have an Outlaw Lfm2 8 inch subwoofer in a room similiar to your and it is fast and responsive. It is also easy on the eyes and compact. I think it would blend well with the A3's. I picked up mine for about $249.

    I am currently looking at the A1's or A2's as front speakers in my setup. You can call Outlaw Audio (located in Mass.) and see if they have left hanging around since they have been discontinued a few years ago.

    Good Luck.


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      Having good luck with an 8" 120 watt rms Yamaha YST-215 subwoofer in a similar size room with my A3's. The sub blends very well. Not sure what current Yamaha models are comparable but might be work a look.


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        HSU STF1 is within your $300 range, but if possible I would go with the STF 2 10". Also the Elemental Designs A3s-250 or A2-250 are in the 315-350 price range, check to see if they are instock before you purchase ED takes their good old time shipping products out. It would be much easier if Jon would have those Arx subwoofers ready :D