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Chane for Pro Audio? (mixing, mastering, recording)

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  • Chane for Pro Audio? (mixing, mastering, recording)

    Has anybody ever used Chane speakers for mixing, mastering, or recording? I would be using the bookshelves in a nearfield setup.

    They look like they would be great for it, and I keep reading about how detailed and transparent they are. I also like that the bass ports can be plugged, as mixes always seem to translate better on sealed speakers.


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    Hello and welcome. I can't definitively say if or where the A1.4 could be used for pro work - Chane customers would know that - but its design type is the same as many speakers used professionally. They should work fine, and plenty of them are in use as desktop speakers.

    The ports can be plugged and each speaker comes with a foam port plug. Everything else being equal, the sealed speaker will have lower group delay, which explains the phenomenon you're hearing.