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A2rxc Tilting wall or ceiling mount

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  • A2rxc Tilting wall or ceiling mount

    My HT guru instructed me that the center channel speaker needs to be above the projector screen and angled down. With Atmos, an up-firing speaker will distort and over power the sound of the ceiling atmos speakers. Therefore, the center needs to go above the screen and angled down to prevent reflections.

    My question is if anyone knows of or has used any ceiling or wall mount for the A2rxc? Or, has any recommendations on what to look for?


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    What is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the screen & from the top of the screen to the ceiling?

    I can't imagine on top of the screen will be better. The Tweeter is best placed at ear level pointing right at you. With either configuaration, it will be pointing @ your I would go with the smallest angle which I suspect will be below the screel.


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      There will be 3' of wall space vertically once installed. Until the projector is here and we determine exactly where the screen can project, I will not know which route to go. Most likely it will be 2' and 1'. If I can get the center on the ground, it will be 2' on the bottom.


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        Do you already have the screen? If not, you might consider looking into woven acoustically transparent screens, such as the Seymour screens. Then you can put that center channel behind the screen and voices will come from where they should, and you can turn the speaker vertical to maintain even dispersion across the listening area.

        If that's not possible, it seems to me that the position that keeps the speaker furthest away from a boundary would likely be best. I cannot see how a speaker under the screen would interfere more with the in-ceiling speakers for Atmos than a speaker above the screen would. My hunch would be just the opposite, if anything.