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  • A3rxc right for me?


    I have been very interested in the A3s for some time now, and I finally have the funds to get myself a pair. I only have conerns with placement. My living room isn't optimal for speaker placement. One of the speakers has to sit between the fireplace and an adjacent wall. In the picture below, I need the speakers to be on either side of the fire place. The right side of the fire place opens out to a descending staircase. My issue is that the A3s are rear ported. Do you guys think that with my placement constraints for the left speaker, a front ported speaker would be more appropriate?

    Click image for larger version

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    Also, after reading through this forum, it seem that high current amplifiers are preferred. I am inclined to go with class D power for efficiency and plan to get a crown XLS 1002. The listed power specs are below. Would it be a good match for the chanes?

    550 W at 2 ohm per channel
    350 W at 4 ohm per channel
    215 W at 8 ohm per channel

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    Port placement will be all but irrelevant, muad1981. Bass reflex ports operate at very low frequencies and behave omnidirectionally. They should be on the back of any speaker with midrange output from the bass drivers (like the A3rx-c) to prevent any midrange inside the cabinet leaking out. Front-ported speakers typically have that distortion present and directed forward.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      Also, do you think the crown xls 1002 would be adequate for the a3s?


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        The Crown is more than enough power. Any of our models can be driven with even half that capacity.


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          Awesome, thanks for the responses. Looking forwards to hearing them!


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            Crown actually has a calculator to help with choosing an amp for your needs.


            Something to tinker around with! :)


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              I am also going to try out the XLS (v1) 1000/1500 with some A5's sometime soon. I did a quick A/B test with my A2 Center comparing my AVR Yamaha (~95w) to the crown and it was very similar SQ wise. I am still breaking them in so only playing at very mild listening levels so did not fully crank it up using the crown. They are playing nicely now with the AVR for now. Once I get the A5's and break those in, I will try to connect the Crowns to everything and see how it sounds!

              So I think your XLS should work out really good. Obviously just make sure your at appropriate listening levels (power ratings) :biglaugh: