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A3rx wiring question

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  • A3rx wiring question

    Hello. I ordered a pair of A3rx to use as front speakers. This is my first time buying home theatre speakers. Do I need to buy speaker wire separately? What kind of wire do I need? I'm also confused about whether to directly connect the wires or use banana plugs. With my PC speakers I directly connected them and it worked fine. I will be moving the speakers about 1-2 feet frequently (pulling them out for listening). I searched around a bit, but there is a lot of information about something as simple as wiring! Thanks.

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    Yes you will need speaker wire. It depends on the length of wire you need but I find that 12 gauge is usually fine. I just go to Lowes or Home depot and get 12g copper lamp chord and it works perfectly. Don't fall for the hype about wire like Monster brand. They will just screw you out of your money. Another place to buy wire that is legit is . You can connect the wire either way that you described. I just use the bare wire. Here is everything you need to know about speaker wire.,d.aWw Good luck. :)


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      Thanks for the info! Is bare wire safe if I move around the speakers often? Like chance of a short circuit?


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        The proper cable size (AWG) is determined by the length of the wire run (from the amp to the speaker)...
        up to 22'= 16AWG
        up to 35'= 14AWG
        up to 55'= 12AWG

        Type of wire:
        Expensive wire is not necessary. Standard speaker wire from Radio Shack, Walmart, Monoprice is good. I also use the cheaper brown 'lamp cord' from Radio Shack.

        Banana plugs are used for convenience. If you are not needing to connect and disconnect the wiring repeatedly, then bare wire is fine.

        Just say NO to the hype.


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          Originally posted by zeebo1 View Post
          Thanks for the info! Is bare wire safe if I move around the speakers often? Like chance of a short circuit?
          Bare wire is fine but just make sure when you connect it that no strands of wire are crossing over from + to - or - to +. If it makes you feel better than go ahead and use the banana plugs, they are cheap enough anyway.


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            +1 on Monoprice and the banana plugs (a pair ~$2). Below is the link to the banana plugs. The link includes a video on how to connect the speaker wire to the banana plug.


            Below is the link to the wire that I used (with the banana plugs).