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    Geez. These speakers better be worth the wait. I could have had my MartinLogan LX16 here by now had I chosen that route. Ordered 2 A1-c Thursday 3-19-15 in the morning @ 1:30AM that were said to be in stock. Shipping $52 :eek:. Said I would get them by Monday 3-23-15...Got a notice they were shipped today, Friday 3-20...what do I care, as long as I get them Monday 3-23-15. Just got the FedEx shipping notice...Delivery set for Thursday 3-26-15. :confused: I seriously would have thought of other options if I had any idea these would take so long. Heck, the USPS parcel post would have been faster and less expensive. Not happy so far.

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    Hi Squirrel!. Orders shipped from our west coast warehouse take five business days to travel to you in OH or MA (those being the two A1rx-c orders we have from the time period you stated.) For whatever reason, their server likes to ignore the weekends in its quotations. Saturday and Sunday are not included in delivery times but they are included in delivery quotes, as you've found.

    The shipment left on time and it appears to be on time for arrival.


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      And believe me, I am on pins and needles waiting in anticipation. But just frustrated. Amazon Prime has spoiled me. :biglaugh: