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  • Another new owner!

    I just discivered these speakers @ 1AM this morning while researching replacement (quality) speakers for my little Dayton Audio satellite speakers, that are OK for what they are but even Audyssey XT can barely deal with them in my bedroom. The Denon X1000 is great, the weak link are the speakers (duh). :rolleyes:

    So while searching for the best price on the MartinLogan LX16 (discontinued), I came across these. I know of Jon Lane from years of reading the different internet forums and respect his accomplishments in the speaker industry. I have MartinLogan in my main system, and they use the planar tweets and I am just enthralled with their performance. ML stopped making the speakers with planars and went to a lesser (in my opinion) "Air Motion" tweeter...Now everyone has them. They sound great, but not planar great to my ears. I was REALLY hating the idea of the LX16 just because of that. But then the clouds parted and the light I saw was the A1rx-c!!! :biglaugh:

    Longer story short, a pair will be here Monday! I'm psyched! :cool:

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    I think you will be pleased

    Squirrel, I think you will be pleased with the Chane A1rx-c's. I have been listening to a pair with a A2rx-c as a center and a 10" powered sub for about a month and they sound much better than I would have believed from a set in this price range. I am very much looking forward to the delivery of a set of the new A5rx-c's which pretty much use the same top end as the A1's so I am sure I will be pleased with them. Others have used a lot of words to describe the sound but I will just say they are clean and pure. Very much GOODSOUND. Enjoy!


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      I am excited to get these. They are for the master BR with a ML Dynamo 300 sub, Denon X1000 AVR, some Sony BD player, Roku2 XS and Vizio 55"LCD. My 'meh' budget system, believe it or not, and it is supposed to be a good thing, has the largest budget on the pair of A1-c's...followed by the X1000, then the Vizio, Dynamo, Roku2 XS and the Sony BD player. Not too shabby for a MBR setup, me thinks. :cool:


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        They have arrived! VERY nice speakers. VERY well built. Sounds great, but needs to be broken in and run Audyssey yet, and then I can make a decision. But so far I am pleased. :cool:


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          i have the a1rx-c...the tweeter sounded great out of the box...the woofer took at least 50-80 hours to sound good...
          the bass and mids were muddy for the first few days...
          Initially, the A2rx-c sounded better than the a1rx-c....but because i listened to 2 channel music alot ..probably 150 hours by now on the a1rx-c and alot less on the a2rx-c, now the a2rx-c sounds horrible in comparison..

          if chane wants to get a fair decent review, they need to send reviewers a broken in pair or make sure the customers know the long break in time...


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            Well...they're keepers! :D

            I have spent about 6-7 hours with them so far. They are horizontal, and yes, I re-oriented the planars. ;) Placement is far from ideal, however, this is a bedroom system after all and as such, choices are limited for speaker placement. This also explains the horizontal use as well.

            Audyssey has not been run yet as the house isn't quiet enough till tomorrow. Denon X1000 is the AVR; nothing elaborate and still not the bottom of the barrel. The X1000 has MultEQ XT room calibration.The sub, a MartinLogan Dynamo 300 sub is not being utilized during break-in. No center channel will be used, following suit of the main theater in the living room running phantom with fantastic success.

            Speaking of the living room, I am running a Denon 4311 which uses MultEQ XT32 into 2 MartinLogan Preface and 2 MartinLogan Encore TF, both of which employ the use of planar tweeters, with the difference being the A1rx does not use a waveguide as the MLs do. The reason for mentioning the main theater is to demonstrate my familiarity with planar speakers. I adore the sound, and the reason I was so happy to find Chane/ARX!

            I will say, out of the box, I wasn't initially impressed with the sound, but the build quality, oh my! Short of the 'meh' look, the plain unattractive box which is required to keep the price down, in my honest opinion are built easily as well as my MartinLogans, and that's saying something! Not magnetic connections for the VERY well made grills, but the metal posts work alot better than the plastic ever did. And while we are on the subject of grills, after I decided they would remain here, I removed those god-awful hand scribed name plates. They were such a distraction, plus they were sideways. :biglaugh:

            The planars have a great sound out of the box, but what is most impressive, to me, is the bass. Not that it is subwoofer bass, but it is damn good bass, damn good QUALITY bass. Can't wait for the sound after broken in. I don't really agree with the muddiness as much, but they have been improving greatly in a short time of use. After initially installing I left the wife doing her kick boxing DVD and the sound turned up. That was when I wasn't impressed. I came home tonight to different speakers! I have been sitting here watching movies (DVD & BD) and listening to music in preparation of tomorrows 1st calibration. I REALLY am enjoying the sound of these. Wife came in and said off the bat, "yeah these DO sound better!" I am pleased so far. :cool:


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              Break-in is your friend. Use it! We discuss it in the User Guide because it is imperative. None of these models will develop their acoustically black backgrounds and imaging without being run in for some time.
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                Breaking in nicely. The planars are a little brighter than I like, but only at high volumes...lower volumes (which is the vast majority of listening) they are sweet. Have about 20+ hours on them so far...several movies (BD, Streaming) and music (Pandora and MP3 from the laptop - going to get some FLAC Zepplin IV sometime soon) and I have been recommending the A1rx-c to family and friends. :salute:


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                  Well, I'm a satisfied customer! :salute:

                  Still needs a bit more time, but things have settled in nicely. Very pleased with the sound quality at both higher and low volumes, but especially low volume (remember, this is a MBR system). Idefinitely think they would benefit in a MAJOR way with Audssey XT32 over the plain XT now. I know XT32 really brought my MLs alive after using just XT for quite awhile. But I'm not buying an AVR that costs that for a part-time MBR system right after I bought the X1000, but I digress.

                  The long and the short of it is that these speakers (A1rx-c) really are an audiophiles best kept secret for what you get with these speakers! They are absolutely wonderful and it would take a speaker that cost at minimum twice ($700 range) at the box stores or even Amazon, to equal the quality of these speakers.

                  Jon, job well done sir!


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                    Originally posted by Squirrel! View Post
                    The long and the short of it is that these speakers (A1rx-c) really are an audiophiles best kept secret for what you get!
                    That's great to know, Squirrell! (love that moniker, by the way!) It's hard to tell people about the SplitGap advantage, for example, without sounding like we're marketing some vaporous trademark. We're not, and the combo of such real advantages combined in a simple, thought-through design always pays audible dividends.

                    And we're keeping far less for overhead than major brands, too, meaning more customer value...


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                      I'm pretty much debating on another pair for my office :scratchchin:...these suckers are GOOOOOOD! :salute:

                      Classical music :conductor:and movies are just...WOWZA! :applause 1:

                      They really are THAT good! And the price... :woo:

                      They honestly have exceeded my expectations as they have broken in more and more...:winner:


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                        Originally posted by Jon Lane View Post
                        Break-in is your friend. Use it! We discuss it in the User Guide because it is imperative. None of these models will develop their acoustically black backgrounds and imaging without being run in for some time.
                        Manual link isn't working.


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                          User Guide

                          Originally posted by AllanMaarcus View Post
                          Manual link isn't working.
                          In another thread a little while back Jon Lane wrote:
                          Temporarily broken forum permissions prevent me posting the Guide to the thread until the new site launches, so email if you'd like a copy.

                          Chane Music & Cinema will launch a new site soon and these problems will be gone, there have also been some problems with images. But, no problems with my new A5rx-c's, I am enjoying the GOODSOUND!

                          As Jon said, email him and he will get a copy to you.



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                            Wow! Sure glad I got mine! Now out of stock til June...Hope my posting about them all over has helped drive sales. :biglaugh:

                            I truly do find these to be a fabulous BARGAIN! I so very much enjoy listening to them and they excel at whatever I'm in the mood for; rock, classical, movies are unbelievable, even my wifes exercise DVD sounds way better than it has a right to. The killer part is that the speakers are far from being placed anywhere near what would, or could, be considered 'optimum'. I do not believe I could have found a better speaker, at a better price. :cool: