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  • Binding Post Question

    I was making a new set of speaker cables this week in anticipation of the A5's and I was planning to terminate the speaker-end with spade lugs. Ordered up some nice shiny gold-plated crimp-on types and was cutting and stripping the wires and thought, I wonder if these things will fit on those binding posts...

    My A2 came in some weeks ago and was just sitting in its box, so I opened it up and reached for the binding posts and unscrewed one of them, grabbed one of my spade lugs... and... Nope. My spade lugs are 1/4" (6.4mm) at the spade opening. I thought this would be plenty big enough for most binding posts.

    If I wanted to go with spade lugs, what size binding posts do we have here, and does anyone know of a good source for quality spade lugs with this large of an opening? Screw-type is preferred, crimp-type is ok, gold-plated, angled, accepting up to 10 AWG. I've looked around and so far have only found one with an 8.2mm opening for $20 each! Ouch!

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    The post measures 5/16" or 0.3125" (8mm), so adding a little clearance puts the ID of a suitable lug at 11/32" or 0.3438" (9mm).


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      Found these on Ebay, gold plated brass.