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Isolation feet/pads for the Ar2rx-c?

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  • Isolation feet/pads for the Ar2rx-c?

    I encountered some information on other forums about the auralex MoPAD being used to increase sound quality. I have 3 Ar2's, all of which will be sitting on shelves. I was planning on starting with just using the cheap clear rubber feet you can find at home depot, etc... but i was curious if anyone was using isolation pads with their chane speakers and what advice they may have.

    I found the MoPAD, Diversitech, Vibrapod, among many others generic and otherwise.

    Thanks for the help.


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    I like to use Herbie's Fat Dots.

    A more cost effective solution that I've used in the past is Blu Tack museum putty.

    I don't like the MoPAD because it doesn't hold the speaker cabinet perfectly still.


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      I personally use "Monitor Isolation Wedges" for my center channel that sits on the floor from the Foam Factory. They look identical to the mopads and are way cheaper. I cant comment on sound quality but it protects the bottom of the speaker and sets it at the proper angle I needed for seating position. Link


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        I use these for my DefTechs, and I will be setting up my new Chane center this weekend with them

        DiversiTech MP-4E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad, 4" x 4" x 7/8"

        search for mp-2e or mp-3e for 2" and 3" squares if you prefer

        If you prefer cork (brown) over blue, look for MP-4C, MP-3C, MP-2C for 4. 3. and 2 inch squares.

        Order a ton, they are cheap, so you make your shipping cost count.