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A5rx-c cs Sierra or Revel?

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  • A5rx-c cs Sierra or Revel?

    I realize the price differences are significant, but has anyone compared the A5 towers to with the Revel M106 or the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 stand mounts?

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    Maybe this is a good opportunity to point out that if anyone wants to compare the new A5rx-c to competitors, let me know. I'll make every reasonable effort to support any reasonable comparison. Naturally, the A5rx-c has to actually be here in a few weeks, but you get the idea...


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      That's very generous, although I don't have a great system to test with. It would be great if you submitted the speakers to the various magazines and CNET so they could do write ups.

      Also, does Chane ever participate in audio shows, like RMAF or T.H.E. Show? It would be wonderful to listen to them at a venue like that. I imagine you would generate a lot of buzz and interest and even sales.


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        I would like to show this year. I lost a good friend to tragedy late 2013 and he and I and some other associates had planned to show in 2014. Naturally plans ended with his loss, and other events in 2014 prevented my showing elsewhere.

        2015 should be different, and I look forward to exposing more folks to better sound.