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Official 2015 Chane A5rx-c Group Buy

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  • Official 2015 Chane A5rx-c Group Buy

    [Edited 2/27. Group Buy closed. Content below this line is an archive of the event.]


    Hey Everybody, the A5rx-c Group Buy is here!

    Yes, we're late, but the good news is we've been in production for some time and have a large order preparing as I write. I'll open this thread to place-hold further news as soon as we can release it. All updates will appear here, in Group Buy central.

    There have been three steps to this year's Buy:

    1) The Preliminary Group Buy thread to gauge interest and prepare. Complete.
    2) This thread. Open for your participation.
    3) Product shopping section to vend the A5rx-c, A2rx-c, and A1rx-c sales in two simple stages.
    These are the basic terms:

    [EDITED on 1/30 to reflect discount method. Coupon codes have been waived.]

    1. This is the official open-Buy thread. Questions can be asked here and they'll be answered here as I'm able.

    2. Our earliest members have been invited to visit a special A5rx-c category prepared for the main webstore. Notice to this effect was distributed to this group 1/29 and most have responded.

    3. The balance of customers are now notified today around noon of the A5rx-c listing to use to earn the Group Buy discount. That notice will transmit by PM, email, and forum notice in this thread.

    4. The Group Buy includes options for both the A1rx-c and A2rx-c. Purchases must include the A5rx-c, but then may include either or both of the other two accessory models. Build yourself an entire theater! Wait until you hear a pair of A5rx-c accompanied by three A2rx-c. Or five!

    5. The product is scheduled to arrive early March and like I said, it's a large order. We're not going out of stock due to the popularity of this (and these) models.

    6. The Buy will be open to all. Anyone interested will be able to take part, although we will first send links privately to the generous readers who graciously filled the Preliminary Group Buy thread and enabled this Buy. If you're reading, thank you.

    7. The Buy will close just under thirty days after it opens. Cancellations - which I don't think we've ever had in a Buy - will be honored through that period but once the Buy closes all sales are final. Physical returns of shipped and received products will be honored for a 15% restocking fee.

    As always, Chane Group Buy deals are the best offers we ever write. The Chane line does not go on sale for a simple reason: It's marked at basically wholesale every day. This product series is a word-of-mouth effort we depend on all of you to enable. And yes, it's a ton of fun and yes it's become very popular.

    There you have it. I appreciate your participation more than I can say. These events are how we offer the best deals in the business and you help us move forward into upgrades and new models.


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    I'm so excited for this!
    Thank you for the update.


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      A5rx-c Group buy

      Looking forward to having these speakers!


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        question #1...signed up for the mailing, but didn't reply on the original group buy thread....
        I'm not sure i'll be the ones getting a private message coupon for the group buy...
        If not, where will the rest of us get the coupon..:confused:


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          Originally posted by klatwork View Post
          ...where will the rest of us get the coupon..:confused:
          Codes will be issued first by PM and email to original members from the Preliminary Group Buy thread and to others who reserved by email, and then will be posted in the Group Buy product category in the webstore when it goes live. In both cases I'll update this thread so nobody misses out.

          Again, virtually no action is needed by any participants. We'd love to hear from you, of course, but the next step is simply entering the upcoming coupon code in the shopping cart at the Chane webstore.


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            Thanks for the update Jon,

            I'm in for at least a pair of A5's & an A2. I may get 4 A1's for sides/rears depending on the code. Can't hardly wait to get them set up in my room!

            I put up an announcement @ HTS (the forum moderator has not approved it yet). Hope that will generate some more looks. Thanks for all you do.


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              Group Buy

              Do you have any pics? What about pricing how much will they cost?


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                Originally posted by hammer136 View Post
                Do you have any pics? What about pricing how much will they cost?
                details here


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                  Got my old JBL studio speakers sold and am eagerly awaiting my new speakers. I'm practically giddy! :)


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                    I am in for a pair of 5's, a 2, and a pair of 1's.........come on coupon code! :)


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                      Glad to hear everything is going smoothly. I think I'll be in for a pair of A5s and an A2. Looking forward to it!


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                        Thanks for the update - was just about to buy some B&W on craigslist but will wait for this instead.


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                          Hello to all,
                          For those that have not had the pleasure of hearing the A series speakers you're in for an eye or should I say hear opening experience. The Group buys are the way to go from experience, given the non group prices these speakers are a steal, at the group buy price they are considered a gift. If you're on the fence....GET OFF and GET IN THE GROUP BUY.
                          Cheers Jeff Nordi


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                            I apologize, I'm not certain... How do I sign up to participate in the group buy? I'm interested :)


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                              Originally posted by Bruce View Post
                              I apologize, I'm not certain... How do I sign up to participate in the group buy? I'm interested :)
                              No sign-up needed; you just need coupon codes, which we're working on...