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Static/distortion with Ar2cs?

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  • Static/distortion with Ar2cs?

    Ok as a whole I'm really enjoying my speakers..however there are a few things that concern me so far. The main think is it seems like at certain mid frequencies Im getting what sounds like static or a bit of distortion. I hear it usually with male voices and its not all the time..its only at certain times like its gotta hit the right frequency to do it. Ive A/Bd the speakers and they both do it so I don't think its a defect or anything. Is this something that will clear itself up with break in or is this just how they are? Maybe its just something Im not used to hearing..I just don't want to damage them that's all.

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    I haven't heard of this before. When two new tested speakers both do the same thing it's very likely the issue is driving system or program source. Call us and we can probably diagnose which it is and how to deal with it.


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      I was thinking something similar....what I was really hoping is someone would say "its a break in issue" and it will go away lol.

      It can be sort of hard to isolate but Ill try and find something that does it clearly and give you a call. Thanks


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        Hey Guys!

        Loki993, do you notice distortion on any specific Blu-Rays/Movies? I recently purchased the "Star Wars: Complete Saga" box-set on Blu-Ray and it has a bunch of higher end distortion/clipping in the mix. I did a bit of Google investigation and found out that it's a pretty common occurrence with the Star Wars box-set, some people reduced distortion by changing the output method of their Blu-Ray player to Linear PCM instead of Bitstream.


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          No not so much but I havent watched a ton. Its mostly with my TV shows, regular TV and music LPs mostly. So Multiple sources.


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            I had similar issue as well with my center A2, and I thought it was the speaker. Well, I've got 3 Outlaw Monoblock amps powering my front 3. They are somewhat old.

            So, I decided to remove the center channel amp, and the issue was gone. I sent out my amp to Outalaw, and they found some issues with it.