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Would Chane Arx speakers be a good choice for my setup?

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  • Would Chane Arx speakers be a good choice for my setup?

    I'm looking to replace my speakers. I was originally thinking of going with the Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers, but after pseudo-hearing them once (in a best buy, not a great setup) I'm thinking I want to go with something better. My current speakers are some Sony speakers that came as part of a full system (SEN-R6500 system. The speakers it came with were 2 towers (SS-U651AV), center (SS-CN-64), 2 rear (SS-U64), and a sub (SA-W651?)). I have replaced the other parts of the system (current receiver is a Denon AVR-1912). My main issue with the current speakers is the center channel sucks. The towers are not bad, but if I'm watching a movie dialog can be pesky to hear clearly, even with the center channel turned up.

    As for speaker placement, my current setup isn't ideal, but it could get better down the road. In my house the kitchen/dining/living is effectively one long room (~18'x40',10'), and I have the speaker system in one end of it, more towards a corner. It is in a corner because we want to be able to see the TV for football if we are cooking in the kitchen (I live in Texas, not surprisingly). We would sit on the couch when watching movies, so the distance isn't nearly as far in that scenario.

    As for how I typically use the speakers I'd say probably close to 50/50 movies/music. Music is typically just in stereo, and movies are either 5.1 or 3.1 (I have a toddler and an infant, so ideal setup for the rear speakers is shot. I currently have the surround speakers on the ceiling, and need to plug in the wires to a wall plate when I want them hooked up so kiddo doesn't go playing with them). Music would be listened to anywhere in that big room, whereas movies would typically just be much closer (the living room area. I don't typically have the speakers on when watching football).

    My current understanding of speakers is that you really want the front three to match, whereas on the back ones it isn't quite as important. So my thought would be to get the Chane A2rx-c for the center, and then either the A3rx-c or A5rx-c for the sides. And just wait on the rears for now, and get either the 1s in the future (when my setup can really use it), or wait till Chane comes out with surround speakers. Would this likely work? Is there going to be an issue with the different rears or sub? Also, for my scenario would I be better off with the 3s or 5s? My guess would be that with the size of the room the 5s would probably be better (And if I get in on the group buy the cost difference would be less too).

    Thanks in advance, and any suggestions/help is appreciated.


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    They are both good speakers, if volume is an issue (will you be playing music very loud?), I'd go for the A5's. And as you said, the "group buy" is going on now! Get them and feel confident that you made the right decision.


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      Originally posted by Quenten View Post
      They are both good speakers, if volume is an issue (will you be playing music very loud?), I'd go for the A5's. And as you said, the "group buy" is going on now! Get them and feel confident that you made the right decision.
      I don't typically listen to music crazy loud. My wife will listen to stuff louder than me, but in the house it usually isn't crazy. I'm more interested in clarity than volume.


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        My suggestion is to go for the A5s (sign up for the group buy). Get the A2 and A1bs for now. The group buy make take some time (a couple of months). You can evaluate if you like the Arx sound while waiting. Once the A5s become available, you can move the A1bs to surround duty.

        During your evaluation, you can also decide whether the A1bs work for your application or get the towers (A3 or A5). I recall a post where a member moved back to the A1bs for front duty since the A5s were too much acoustical power for his space (and not because the A5s were bad or anything). For me, I'm loving my A5s. The clarity was the first thing that jumped on me (over the A1s) when I first got them. I was part of the first group buy and had the A1s and A2 (not the rx-c models). I know there's been improvements/fine tuning but I haven't had the chance to hear or experience the next gen Arx. I'm happily content with the first generation Arx line. It really connects you to the music/movie (more of an experience vs. an evaluation of equipment).

        Regarding your question for surrounds, yes I have the Arx for 5.0 duty and my older speakers for rear surrounds in my 7.1 setup. They play well together.

        Good luck and hope I was able to help you out.


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          I feel fairly well qualified to respond to your questions. I used to have a Denon AVR-1712 that was powering 5 1st gen Andrew Jones Speakers. Those speakers were a fantastic value for the price & mainstream awareness/availability. With the volume on the AVR turned up to about -7.5 was the limit for that set-up(sitting 10 ft away from the speakers). The AVR just couldn't provide enough clean power with it set any higher.

          I then upgraded my 1712 to a 4311. The extra power allowed me to play movies at -5 & it sounded much cleaner. I then upgraded to a 5.0 set of ARX speakers. 2-ARX3-c, 1-ARX2-c, 2 ARX(b)'s. That upgrade added a whole new level of detail, clarity, & soundstage improvement. Not to mention the Pioneer speakers had far thinner & lighter cabinets. The ARX speaker binding posts are far higher quality.

          The ability of the ARX3(c) speakers ability to be filled with sand to add weight was a large plus for me since I have four children with an age range of 4-11. That might be a great option for you to utilize as a rear speaker option if your budget allows.

          There is also the fact that the ARX speakers are actually 8 ohm vs 6-4 ohms that the Pioneers exhibit under load which will affect the heat output/stability of the Denon 1712 amps.

          Good Luck with your decision.

          Buying Arx speakers is like Heinz ketchup. Good things come to those who wait!


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            My main tv room has a 7.1 featuring 5 in wall speakers, sub, and A5's as the l&r. The In walls driven by a Denon 1612, and A5's driven using pre-outs to Emotiva to Arx. The A5's are outstanding, IMHO. The Denon was going to be upgraded, originally planned for another room. However, this sounds too nice to change, and use them in 2 channel, or 7.1 for blu ray. One has to spend a great deal more, for an incremental improvement vs Arx, IMHO. I have a 2 channel A1B setup at lake house. Getz and Gilberto "Corcovado" on that small system =sublime. Sounds even more impressive on the A5's, if that is possible. I was part of the 1st group buy. Best money I have spent related to audio. Purchase with confidence. Jon knows his "Shyte". I have been trying to justify being part of current group buy. :) regards, Bradley


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              Many Thanks!