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Need suggestions on new 3.0 or 3.1 system

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  • Need suggestions on new 3.0 or 3.1 system

    First post and looking for some advice on speakers for a large family room (20' x 28' with high ceilings). I'm trying to decide for a L/C/R of either A3rx/A2rx/A3rx or A5rx/A2rx/A5rx. If needed, I'd get a quality sub in about 6-9 months. So, how does the A3rx combo + sub compare to the A5rx combo without sub? Is my room to large for the A3rx combo? Will the A5rx combo still need a sub? I have a Yamaha Rx-V775 receiver. My main concern is 'clarity in dialog' for 60% HT/ 40% music. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Hey tommyncal, that's a fairly good sized room. Combined with the high ceilings. I would recommend the A5 combo. You will also need a sub with either set up as they roll off around 40 Hz. HT is going much lower, and I'm sure Craig can entice you with a complete package!


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      I have a similar room (20 x 27 x 8) and I can assure you, you are going to need a powerful sub for that room. I'd say 2 18's should do the trick. I have a single Chane VS18.1 with two ARX-A5's and the speakers fill the room just fine. Your dialogue should be plenty clear with the ARX speaker line. Ive tried the A5's without a sub and they can't really give you any kind of bass feelings in a room that large.

      Save the money and get the A3's and a powerful sub. Unless you do a lot of critical 2 channel listening, the A3's and a sub will be perfect for home theater.


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        Is the clarity any better on either the Arx5 or Arx3 ? And will either of those pair ok with the Arx2 as a center?


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          I think it will depend on your listening preferences. As in, how loud you plan on pushing your speakers. Both the A3 & A5 will match with the A2 as a center (the main source for dialoge in movies). The A5 will give you a bit more SPL & bass extension. Since your on the fence, I would give Jon a call, he will be glad to offer you some stellar advice.


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            I think with a room that large, the A5 makes the most sense.

            For subs, ported is typically the best bang for the buck for large open spaces. If you prefer sealed, you'll likely want multiples.
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