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A3rx-c or A5rx-c vs Rocket RD 760.

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  • A3rx-c or A5rx-c vs Rocket RD 760.

    Hey everyone. I am on looking for some new speakers. Basically I am looking to set up a nice two channel setup. I currently have the following components:

    u-turn audio orbit turntable
    Pioneer VSX-1018 receiver

    I mostly listen to alternative, rock, punk types of music. My room is about 18x19. And the setup most likely would need to go in a corner. Ideally I wanted bookshelves but I have tried my Onix X-LS and a pair of Def Tech Studio Monitor 450s and not been very happy. Tonight I pulled my Rocket RS760s out of the theater and was much happy with the sound. But a permanent move out of the theater, blows up that entire setup.

    I have done some reading on the Chanes. I am certainly willing to give ID speakers a chance. I am looking for a very good musical system. Can that be achieved with maybe 2 A2rx-c? Has anyone had a chance or is anyone familiar with the older rocket speakers and have any opinions on how the two compare? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.