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Small A5rx-c update

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  • Small A5rx-c update

    With the A5rx-c design in the can and entering production, and while I'd like to discuss it alongside the A3rx-c - which forum member Buford T. Justice has already done - I'm going to hold off a little longer. More than anything we owe everyone dates, dates we don't have yet but that are in the pipeline.

    But the new A5rx-c impressed us. It really has authority and it stays poised to substantial volume. We've wrung four thousand cycles more from the very top of the speaker's response, and improved its response window above 1kHz by a dB. It's smoother, broader, and just a little more cohesive throughout.

    We get asked a lot about the A3rx-c. I won't repeat the comparison Buford gave us, but I can say the A5rx-c is probably going to likewise represent its class adequately.

    I can't tell you what it sounds like in words, but I can say this just sounded excellent. Drive, drive, and more drive. Enjoy.

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    Thanks for the update Jon. Any word on the availability of the other speakers? Do you plan on doing any trips to show off your speaker... maybe Las Vegas or Boise, ID? :D


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      Availability and Cost of A5rx-c of Black MDF/Bull Nosed

      Jon, I've been lurking on this forum for the past year and this is my first post. :)

      Can you comment any further on the availability of the MDF/Bull Nose A5rx-c you had posted a pix of a few months back.

      I'm committed to purchase the new A5's once available, however I REALLY like the look of the Bull Nosed version and since I plan to keep these speakers for a LONG time, would be prepared to hold out should they become available shortly after/have a limited run planned.

      So, these are my questions;

      - Will the Bull nosed version be available shortly after the standard A5 release?
      - Any idea of the additional cost?
      - Anything else you can mention regarding these OR the A5 availability date?

      Thanx again for your attention to this email, take care Fred in Canada


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        Originally posted by Fredly View Post
        Can you comment any further on the availability of the MDF/Bull Nose A5rx-c you had posted a pix of a few months back.
        Not yet, but we will update the board when we know more.


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          A5rx-c Preliminary Group Buy Thread open

          The A5rx-c Preliminary Group Buy Thread is open now.