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Timbre matched In-wall and In-ceiling surround for arx3 or arx 5

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  • Timbre matched In-wall and In-ceiling surround for arx3 or arx 5

    Hello, first time poster here, I have been researching the arx line and am thinking about the arx3 for fronts with the a2 center. Does anyone have any recommendations for timbre matched in-wall and In ceiling surrounds for a 6.1 setup? I don't have room for the a1's and the a4s are not available. Thanks for any input.

    Thinking about some yamaha or polks rc60

    Receiver is a Yamaha 663

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    Personally, I'm still waiting for the A4's. I feel they are worth the wait, instead of buying rears now and replacing them down the road.

    As far as matching, rears are the least important to match, and unless you buy terrible quality rears, you likely won't notice they are from a different company. Just get a decent quality tweeter and your rear sound stage should mix in the effects with your front stage pretty seamlessly during movies.

    If you play alot of 5 channel audio, though, you should at least get a speaker within the ARX line.

    The only way to accurately timbre match would be to match what you have in the front.


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      Waiting for A4, to complete my 5:1 setup with a2rx-c as LCR setup.

      Looking forward to the announcement of the launch of A4


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        Thanks for the input. I purchased the a3's and a2. They are "breaking in" upstairs while i finish the basement. As for the surrounds I went with HTD wall/ ceiling speakers. I hope to get the walls finished this or next week so I can install the speakers and see how the setup sounds. at 60.00 each I can replace later with the A4's if I don't like them.

        When I first hooked up the a3's and a2, then ran the YPAO setup, i played a movie and thought I was going to have to return the a2 speaker because I didn't hear a center channel. I found out it was working fine, all three speakers blendedthe sound so well together it was amazing. Never though a good midrange could sound so good and how important it is. I felt the bass on the A3 was a little lacking but I then connected my subwoofer into the system set at 100hz (BIC f-12) and the sound was unreal!!!


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          I use HTD in ceiling for my back surrounds & front height speakers and do not notice any difference while being immersed in a movie.

          Buying Arx speakers is like Heinz ketchup. Good things come to those who wait!


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            Another option for surrounds while you;re waiting for the A4's are Martin Logan Motion 2/4. They contain a planar tweeter similar to the one in the Arx line.


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              Hey guys,

              I am in the same boat. I've got the A3rx-c and A2rx-c for the fronts, and a pair of the original A3 for surround back. Now, we are in the process of buying our homes, and I am not sure if I am going to have enough room to fit the A3 for surround.

              So, now I am looking for different options, and I was thinking of going with in-wall speaker, and HTD was on my list. I was wondering, which model did you guys go with? and any pictures of your set up?