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    Hello, this is my first post and I'm excited to be upgrading my sound system for the first time in 7 years. So far, I only have an HSU VTF-2 MK4 sub. My listening style is roughly 80% HT 20% music and the setup will be in an 18 x 16 room with 19' cathedral ceiling. The rooms connects to the kitchen with no divider-I know, not acoustically ideal, but its what it is.

    My old system handled the space just fine for my liking. It was a Klipsch Quintet III 5.1 with a Klipsch sub12. question is I prefer the higher sound of Klipsch, but I'm looking to move up to a different line.

    Which combos of Arx would you recommend for a 5.1 system with my sub?

    All A2rx-c's?

    (2) A3rx-c's and (1) A2rx-c and (2) A1b's?

    Any other combos of the above? I haven't picked a receiver yet, but I'm leaning towards OnkyoTXNR828.

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    Being a home theater guy, and having that much cubic footage to pressurize with sound, I would probably opt for 3 a2rx-c's for a solid front sound stage, 2 A1b's in the back, and use the money you saved to buy another sub woofer. You won't need the A3's lower spectrum as you will probably be going with a 60 - 80hz crossover. If you were a 2 channel music listener, then it would be another story. A 2nd sub will help fill the gaps and even out the lower spectrum, giving you a much more dynamic movie theater experience.


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      Klipschs P-312W Palladium subwoofer 100W.

      If you have good amount of budget Klipschs P-312W Palladium subwoofer 1000W.


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        Would the A2rx-c's work as a floor standing speaker or do they need to be wall mounted/shelved?

        Thanks for the sub suggestion but the 312 is way out of my price range. Besides I already have an HSU-VTF2 MK3 sub. I'd like a second sub, but there's no place in my room to put it.


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          Originally posted by kzaudiovideo View Post
          If you have good amount of budget Klipschs P-312W Palladium subwoofer 1000W.
          Beautiful sub, but kz, you might just want to look right here at Chane???

          Specs on Palladium, 123dB @ 30Hz 1/8 space, 1m which means corner loaded in theory. This has two extra boundaries adding 6 dB each, so it's actual output would subtract 6 dB for 1/4 space (against a wall), and 6 dB for typical practice ground testing. But, more typically 2m is the testing standard and you loose another 6dB (doubling distance).

          So Palladium specs end up being 105dB @ 30Hz ground plane 2m. Just checking the local current thread posted, shows a VS-18.1 with Dayton SA-1000 ($899 plus $200 shipping) specs 20-31.5 Hz @ 112.6 dB. Then above that it hits over 120dB! So, save almost $19,000 and get 8 to 15dB more output? The choice is obvious.

          Sorry for hijacking your thread, supersonic, you do need more bass reinforcement, but, waf and price come first, so I understand the speakers/receiver choice!


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            Originally posted by supersonic View Post
            Would the A2rx-c's work as a floor standing speaker or do they need to be wall mounted/shelved?
            The A3rx-c is close to an A2rx-c with stands built in. Crossovers are different, but the drivers are identical and the tuning differs only slightly.

            Sonically the A3rx-c presents a more classical image where the A2rx-c presents a more vivid, semi-prosound soundstage.


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              Thank you for the quick replies. So it sounds like since I'm coming from Klipsch's and I'm use to higher sound, and since this will be mostly used for HT, I would be better off with the A2rx-c's. Would these be okay as floor standing? If so, would you suggest a stand?