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Need help...injured speaker

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  • Need help...injured speaker

    So, apparently my friends kid does not like speakers or has something against Craig's products. No puncture but curious if anyone has advice on how to fix. Thanks...and happy thanksgiving!
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    Ouch! Try using a a piece of tape to pull it out. If that doesn't work, be careful here, but you can try to suck it out with a vacuum cleaner hose attachment.

    On dust caps less severely dented than that, I have used a stick pin to pull it out, then sealed the tiny hole with a dab of nail polish. Don't try it on that cap at first, you might rip it. Might work to smooth it out after pulling out the main damage.

    Good luck, claysae12, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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      Thank you for the feedback. I managed to fix by MacGyver-ing a vacume hose and oil funnel with duck tape. Hopefully no long term damage.


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        dents in the dust cap don't really affect the performance anyways.
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