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Started small and the next thing I am buying a whole system

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  • Started small and the next thing I am buying a whole system

    I started out looking for another sub for my HT and the next thing I know I am getting a new HT receiver, sub, amp (for dual subs) and am now looking at speakers for height channels (based on the new AVR)...

    Here is what I am looking at:

    1. second ss 18.2
    2. dual amp from CHT when available
    3. Onkyo tx-nr 818 (replaces my trusty tx-nr 805)
    4. Not sure what to get for height channels as I a Monitor Audio silver speaker pkg.... and matching would be an issue

    Should I sell the Monitor Audio Silvers and get pro-10's (5 would be needed) or something else?
    Also, I am probably going to sell my 805 as I want to get the 818 for Aud xt32 room correction...

    Thoughts from everyone??
    Also, anyone know where I can get a new wife as mine will probably be leaving me after this....:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

    D rock

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    I also have one more question on Aud xt32....

    The more I read on it the more I am confused. The tx-nr818 is said to have it, however (correct me if I am wrong) it does not ping each sub woofer separately (the sub EQ portion of Aud xt32) said to be found in other recievers (tx-nr 5009?? or Denon 4311ci??) or is that a function of Aud xt32 pro?? The more I read the more questions I have.:confused::confused:

    This brings up another question in my future set-up. With the new amp I would be getting for dual cs 18.2's (MQ-600 amp) if it would even matter as I assume it would be one input for both channels of the sub and pinging each seperately would not be possible??

    Has anyone compared the xt32 vs the xt32 with sub eq ??

    Thanks, D rock


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      I think the move to XT32 will be worthwhile, and many are happy they made the move. I have the 5007, and the next year they moved to XT32 which improved both speaker and sub smoothing from XT specs.
      You are correct about the 818 not having Sub EQ - use this link to check Audyssey features in AVRs. If you are co-locating the subs, then it won't be a problem.
      However, by pinging both, it should average the distance between them, which you can check and correct, and reduce any phase problems.

      As for your speakers - being 90 db sensitivity, you'll get a nice boost in dynamics going to the SHOs needing 1/4 the power to produce the same volume! And with that extra sub, you'll definitely appreciate having speakers that can keep up with the added low end capability. I think you'll find a properly done horn loaded speaker is a huge step up in clarity an image.

      Good luck with your research, and enjoy your mission to better audio.


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        Thanks for your input. I will upgrade my AVR, and to further complicate things, I just got the bright idea to make my back riser for seating into a giant subwoofer(s). Not sure if down firing or side firing yet...?? I can use the Dayton amp for power the subwoofer(s) that is powering the 18.2 right now. With the added sub though I would assume that the tx-nr 1010 or better should make a difference (getting all the subs to play nice in my small HT room) Not sure the 818 is the way to go... All of this getting past my wife of course:peeping: Many hurdles yet to go... The riser might have to wait as funds allow, but I do like the idea...

        Anyone want to buy some monitor audio silver 6's??? They are in pristine condition and are great for music...

        D rock:salute: