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tower vs bookshelves? thoughts?

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  • tower vs bookshelves? thoughts?

    Just curious to throw this out to the group here since your all sophisticated knowledgeable home audio enthusiasts ;) What are your opinions about the benefits of a tower (2 and/or 3 way) vs bookshelves in a system where they will be paired up with a capable sub? There are a lot of strong opinions both ways on some of the other forums and I was curious what the folks here thought? I dont think there is a right or wrong answer as each situation may call for different solutions but thought this would be an interesting topic for many folks.

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    I'm no expert, but I think it depends more on the speaker and speaker line than the form factor. For ARX, the A5 is the only speaker in the line with a dedicated midrange. I think the midrange FR will be smoother with the A5 than the A2. I doubt if the A3 will be different than the A2, although I have not heard the A3. The form factor may affect your flexibility for placement and this may effect the sound more than whether it's a tower or bookshelf. Like everything else with speakers, you need to try it in your listening environment.

    Personally, I'm very curious how the Philharmonitors stack up against the ARX A5s with a good sub. The designs are completely different. I suspect that it depends on the environment.