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Low profile surrounds with new A2c's

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  • Low profile surrounds with new A2c's

    I currently have a pair of a1b's while waiting for my 3 a2c's. My plan was to move the a1b's to the surrounds with the 3 a2c's up front. However, it looks like my lovely wife is going to veto that because I have to mount them high up on the side walls (open floor plan, no rear wall) and the a1b's are going to be too deep and become an eyesore (her words, not mine). So I am looking for suggestions for a low profile pair that will be wall mounted about 8ft off the ground and complement the a2c's well. As currently setup, the room will not allow for a sub, so it will be a 5.0 setup powered by a Yamaha RX-V773 if that matters. Preferably in the same ~$300 price range as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I haven't heard these personally but have heard good things of them and the company in general.

    They are 5.25" deep.