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  • A5 tweeter question

    I'm looking at getting a pair of A5's to replace my Snell Type E's. I also want to get a center channel to finish out my 3.2 system. It's my understanding that the A5's use the second gen tweeter and the A2rxc uses the third gen tweeter. Should we expect an A5rxc? I obviously am hoping for a matching system.

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    There will be an "A5rx-c" at some point in the second quarter of 2014. It'll join the A2rx-c and A3rx-c in using the 3rd gen tweeter.

    It will run more, and premium version is planned in deluxe finishes, also at an upcharge.


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      Jon, you're killing me! Now I'm thinking 2nd quarter 2014. Decisions, decisions. Just the idea of a premium version in deluxe finishes is wonderful. Thank you for the quick response Jon, 2nd quarter can't come soon enough.