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Just got my A1b in but having problems

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  • Just got my A1b in but having problems

    My 2 arx a1b arrived today. I am using them as my surround speakers but having a problem with audyssey setting the surround right speaker to +12 db. I tried different speaker wire to make sure it wasn't that. The surround left reads -2.0 on the left side and -1.5 on the right when i switched them. The surround right reads +12 on right side and +9.5 on the left. Seems there is something wrong with one of the speakers. Went from happy and excited to annoyed rather quickly.

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    Try swapping them. If the problem stays with the channel, it's not the speakers. If it moves and follows the speakers, check if both drivers are emitting sound in each speaker.


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      Ended up being the wires slipped off the tweeter so it was an easy fix. Really enjoying them as surround sides in my 5.1