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Plugging The A5???

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    Originally posted by gtpsuper24
    I don't know about wides, but heights are pretty much a waste of speaker from my experience. I wouldn't spend that much on the 630s just for height or wide use. I'm running heights and even with a movie like Expendables 2 where they mixed it for 11 channels the heights add almost nothing and its really hard to tell going from on to off with the heights.

    I'm using the smaller A1s for heights and with DTS NeoX, Audyssey DSX theres nothing going on really. Maybe if you can get them way up high in a large room it might be better but with them 8ft or so up in the ceillings its not worth the hassle.
    Thanks Chad, you just saved me a lot of time and effort to mount the highs and run cable and so on, for that type of result I can see it's not worth it, and the 630s would be better served in a 2.1 small setup.