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A1b vs A2b as CC

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  • A1b vs A2b as CC

    I'm greatly enjoying my initial experience with Arx speakers as the A1b's I ordered at Xmas have been a sonic revelation and pleasing journey into a true audio adventure.....

    I'm thinking about getting a center channel speaker at some point........would like to have both Jon and others comment about the merits of having a third A1b as this CC speaker vs the A2b.

    My room is not large here ( 15 x 15 x 8 ft opening into a 15 x 10 ft area). Usage is 75-90% TV/movie and 20% music, not SACD

    Any advantages with the A2b specifically in regards to CC "duty" over the A1b?

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    3 A1b's across the front would sound great. Although the A2/A2b would offer more output and is alittle "fuller" sounding just due to the larger cabinet and extra drivers.

    Jnordi would be the one to ask as he had A1b center and dual A1b's center, but hasn't heard the A2/A2b yet, that I'm aware of. I'm using the A2 center right (not A2b) and compared to the older A1 they do offer a little better resolution, output and are alittle more sensitive.

    3 A1b's across the front vertical would provide a very nice and seamless soundstage.


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      As long as you orient it vertically, there would be no downside. The A2 has 50% more bass driver surface area, but if you are setting your speakers as "small" and crossing them over at 80hz/100hz, there should be very little difference in your room size.

      I would say the only main advantage to me for the A2 format is how I mount my A2. I use a mount to put my A2 directly on top of my 55" LED/LCD Vizio XVT. This means that I am operating in half space since my A2 sits on some SOFT urethane vibration buffers between the cabinet and the mount. I find that, for me, the A2's additional bass output gives me some headroom when playing movies at reference. My center is sitting basically equa-distant between the floor and ceiling, and the front face of the A2 is about 15" from the back wall. However, my back wall is a hollow interior dividing wall that doe snot fully traverse the floor and the also has a fire place on the other side. It's essentially hollow and does not give me very much bass reinforcement.

      Here is a great page from Genelec:

      Genelec loudspeakers are designed for demanding professional, home and AV installation use.

      I bet I am only getting 1 or 2dB of gain from the, for me, the A2 makes better sense. Everybody's room is different.