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Dual A1b's CC Orientation?

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  • Dual A1b's CC Orientation?

    Hey Guys,
    As many of you know I am using a single A1b as a CC on it's side but will hopefully (as soon as I finish the stand build) try dual A1b's vertically side by side. I had another thought today (which can be dangerous) of orienting dual
    A1b's in a horizontal position. If I do this here are my options for alignment: T M T M or M T T M. I'd like to hear some thoughts on this configuration, my first priority will be two A1b's vertically. Thanks.

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    I'd recommend MTTM...


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      MTTM for sure. I think having the tweeters as close together as you can get helps with off axis response and comb filtering.


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        I knew that, I just needed confirmation, seriously thank you Jon and Chad, it only makes sense if I was to orient them vertically the tweets would be right next to each so they obviously should be that way horizontally. I just like chatting with you guys and had a feeling you two would respond, all we need now is Buford :D
        Thanks, Jeff