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  • ARX A3 verus Acculine A3 Help

    I’m interested in hearing from those of you who use the ARX A3s in a music only two-channel setup. I recently purchased two of the last pairs of Acculine A3s from Jon on clearance. I’ve owned Acculines since 2009 when I purchased three A2s and two A2s for my main HT system and I love them for this purpose. One pair of the A3s will be placed in this system and the other pair is going to be a rear channel in my secondary system in my listening room. I listen to music in this room 90% of the time. I decided to try out the A3s in my two-channel system. This system is made up of lossless files from my PC via USB to an HRT Music Streamer II+ out via stereo interconnects to my Cambridge Audio 840A2 integrated amp which currently feeds Nola Mini’s on standmounts. I also have a Rel sub used in high pass mode. These are great speakers made in America by a well known speaker designer. I’ve been listening to the A3s for about a week and I’m impressed with their music reproduction qualities. Enough so that I’m wondering how much better the ARX A3s will sound since it sounds like they were engineered for music more so than the Acculines. My concern is placement since I can’t place them more than 16 inches from the rear wall. My room is 10x12 and I’m forced to use the width and not the length; my listening position is 6 feet away. The room is acoustically treated. I know I can do the 30-Day Trial but that does cost for shipping should I decide to return them. Can anyone elaborate on the real sound quality difference between the ARX and Acculine A3s for music listening purposes? I listen to mostly film scores and classical as well has some Pop, Rock, and Jazz. I like the scale of the A3’s a little better than the bookshelf’s. Ultimately, I’m going to conduct a sound comparison between these speakers and make a decision from there on which to keep.

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    I can't comment on the Acculine A3 vs Arx A3 specifically, but I have used the A2 line extensively on both lines. The Arx's splitgap woofer provides much more pronounced punch and is not so reliant on the use of close borders to have usable bass. Placement was really important for the original Acculine to get acceptable bass levels for me..... on the Arx I find that its great even with the bass ports plugged up. Generally I crossover at 60/80Hz and use a sub. The Arx A3 should be much better all around if you are in a strict 2CH setup

    Arx is also much less directional than its predecessor. The Acculine tweeter was definitely brighter in my opinion if you are listening directly on axis. The neo3 tweeter required more toe-out ... vs the new tweeter where I find that its pretty flat even listening straight on. I wouldn't worry too much about the distance... I've used the Arx A2s in a nearfield computer setup. Sounds like a big pair of luxurious headphones up close

    Overall I love both lines, but I prefer Arx in nearly every way. Boundaries are much more managable with the bass ports plugged in, and crossing with a sub at 80Hz imo. I am still using my Acculines, they are still great despite the Arx improvements


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      Thanks for your response Miwo. It seems this forum is kind of dead. I'm listening to Acculine A3's right now. The speakers have no toe-in and my seating position is triangulated exactly 6 feet from the speakers. My amp has 125 watts per channel. This weekend I will place my reference speakers in the system. The last time I did this was with B&W 685's and after two weeks I was missing my reference speakers. I can't say that I'm missing them so far. However, I'll be able to tell more once I start listening to them if they sound better. I wanted to give the A3's time to break in before I swapped them out. I'm sure they will sound better after 100 hours. I'm probably half way there.

      I may buy a pair of the Arx A3's but it is a tough decision. Resell value is an issue as I enjoy trying out different speakers. I wanted to give floor standers a try since I've never owned a pair.

      I may have to trust the reviews I've read.


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        Yeah, I am also looking for a speaker that is exceptional with two channel audio. I might just buy a pair of A1B's right now and then pick up some A2B's in the fall when they are available, I was told that the new A2B's would be VERY good in a two channel set up.