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  • 2021 Chane 700 Series Thread

    Time for a new 700 Series thread. This thread picks up the original thread, currently with nearly 500 remarks and over 35,000 views. Let's also reference the stock date post, here. Please use it for updates to product schedules. (That stock status list delivers our most recent knowledge on each model, and is updated as things change. It's not a commitment to arrivals we can't ultimately control but it is our best estimate per model. 2020 supply chain disruptions continue worldwide well into 2021 and while our chains are secure, they are seeing interruptions from very high demand, component supply changeover, and a crushing global shipping situation. We're in different territory these days.)

    The next big batch of 700 models consist of models 753 and 752, and the new 740s onwall surround speaker. 753 and 752 are unchanged from their previous production, and all specs and features are listed in their respective product pages in the 700 Series channel.

    New model 740s is a 6.5"-based 2-way, using one midwoofer tuned in bass reflex plus a rather impressive new 1" compression driver with 5" waveguide horn. As an auxiliary model for effects channels we felt it imperative to keep costs as low as we could while not compromising the overall 700 Series quality and sound signature. These two drivers, both from the most advanced maker we know of on earth, are really exciting in their fidelity and value. The 740s is shaping up to be a versatile speaker suitable for a big multichannel system based on models 753 and 752.

    Like the previous models, 740s gets its own product page as soon as we have the arrival date and the collateral materials to publish. And like the previous models, 740s is poised in a nice place roughly halfway between prosound and excellent audiophile designs.

    Speaking of which, both the 753 and 752 sold out before we actually released them to the public. While we appreciate the tremendous support from Chane users, the feedback from those users has been exceptional. With as developed as both models are, response has been virtually unanimous, with one user ultimately preferring a much larger speaker and stayed the course with it.

    The 753 and 752 both use careful attention to what matters: Quality drive units, heavy acoustical cabinets, solid design centers and goals from bass tune to crossover topology, and a great deal of optimization. The result are big speakers that sound more like audiophile stand monitors than big speakers, just more enveloping and visceral. 740s falls into that same mold, with high, clean output above the customary 80Hz crossover point. In it we traded extension for increased output levels which matches it to the larger siblings.

    Meanwhile revised models 753 and 752 are planning for late this year. With the next batch of original 753 and 752 being the last - although it's a big batch - the transition to the V2 models begins as they move through. New 753 and 752 will cost appreciably more but will also increase output sensitivity and maximum ceilings.

    Here's a quick reference guide.

    752 - the original large MTM horn-loaded center and LCR speaker. Currently sold out, in new production. Closed box, fullband from the forties to over 20kHz. Rated sensitivity 92dB. 8 ohms.
    753 - also the original five-driver floor speaker and also closed box. Sold out, in new production. Same bass tuning as 752, sensitivity of 93.5dB. 6 ohms.
    740s - Upcoming new surround and effects channel speaker. Single 6.5" and 1" drivers, horn-loaded, onwall with two types of mounting provisions included. 70-80Hz and above, 92dB sensitivity. 4 ohms.
    752, version II - Shortened version of original 752 cabinet has less depth. Also a closed bass system. Matching other dimensions and treble system. Different midwoofers provide higher sensitivity and power handling. 70-80Hz+ response, 8 ohms and 93-94dB sensitivity.
    753, version II - Same cabinet as original 753, ported bass reflex tuned this time. Similar bandwidth as original 753, but add about 2dB sensitivity and increase thermal power handling somewhat. Same treble system as original. 6 ohms.

    The second gen 700's will increase significantly in price and will carry forward indefinitely. 740s joins them.

    We expect more news in the 700 channel the second half of 2021 but probably nothing that would affect specific interest in these three models, whether the originals or the replacements.

    This thread is to discuss 2021 and the 700 Series models. Hopefully this detail is simple enough to provide a clear planning path, but if you have questions you know what to do.

    Thanks for being aboard. We think these models are unique out there.

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    Also in 700 Series news, we're keeping a reservation list. As noted in the stock status post, we are keeping a list of parties who want to reserve their 700 Series speakers from the next run.

    Kindly email us to be added. We'll roll out the three models above just before they arrive at which point we'll first run through the list from top to bottom, oldest to most recent, offering a buy-in before we make the three models public again.

    There's currently little risk of missing out - this production batch is large - but to be safe, just pop over an email.


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      Final note for now: If you're reserving some 700's it's wise to pop over another email with your list of models, just to confirm. We want to get as close to filling everyone's list as we possibly can...


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        It's hard to believe how fast time flies. I'm still looking forward to the new 740. I hope they finally land in Q3.


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          So is the 740 4ohms or 8 ohms? In the other 700 thread one of the first posts from October 2019 says the 740 is 4 ohms. Just curious.


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            Originally posted by Luckyoco View Post
            So is the 740 4ohms or 8 ohms? In the other 700 thread one of the first posts from October 2019 says the 740 is 4 ohms. Just curious.
            You guys are better at this than I am. Yes, it's 4 ohms. Good call. Top post corrected.


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              Still loving my 753's, can't wait for my other 752 to set up as rears.